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Testimonials from HUB Montreal – Montreal, QC – October 19, 2010

“Excellent enthusiasm. The presentation was rich in content.”
Rene Allard
Hub Financial

“You are in the big leagues and comparable to Jean-Marc Chaput an international motivational speaker. Good and interesting questions, you left me thinking.”  
Raymond Gingras
HUB Financial

“Simon presented some interesting concepts to think about. I am really looking forward to reading your book.”
Geoffrey Cronk

“The presentation was high in energy and offered different methods of thinking. I didn’t expect the self reflection and new motivation.”
Madeleine Pouliot
Innovative Financial Group Inc.

“Passionate and dynamic, Simon’s belief in the subject shines through.”
Bill Lehan

“The presentation reaffirmed what I was already thinking – invigorating.”
Gary Sheen
Fort Financial

 “I enjoyed the re-integration of a written business plan as a necessary part of my business. This was a wakeup call to move on to the next echelon of my business.”
Arcangelo Colombo
HUB Capital Inc.  

“Excellent speaker who speaks with passion and delivers his message with conviction. You can’t fall asleep when Simon’s speaking. I will be recommending Simon to friends and everyone.”
Eyyup Cam
Manulife Securities

“High energy! You competed against lunch and won! I will be reading your book and aiming to put its methods into practice.”
Khoren Kouyoumdjian
Global Maxfin Investments Inc

“The presentation offered great energy. I enjoyed Simon attitude and his down to earth approach. I learned the distinction between values and unmet needs. I’ve never analyzed my business in that light.”
Gioncado Alfonso
HUB Financial

“The energy and passion came through. I enjoyed the simplicity of the presentation and how the material was covered.”
Mehran Asgary
Asgary Capital Advisory Services Corp.

 “The speaker’s passion was conveyed throughout the presentation.”
Zhen Yuan Xie
HUB Financial

 “I appreciate that you realize to be a motivational speaker there must be something wrong with you, ironic but true. I didn’t expect the feeling of motivation or the reality check. Good work Simon.”
Jennifer Rizk
HUB Financial

 “High energy and completely inspirational. Reminded me of what I knew but hadn’t acted on.”
Warren Lee
Le Groupe Green / HUB Capital Inc.

 “I have learned to move away from limiting thoughts. The presentation topic is filling a need and teaching us how to build a value system.”
Stephen J. Hall
HUB Capital Inc.