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 Testimonials from HUB London – London, ON – October 21, 2010

“The presentation was clear, energetic and enlightening.”
Arun Sen
Freedom 55 Financial

“Simon is enthusiastic and motivating.”
David Purves
Purves & Associates Insurance Agency

“Excellent key points and enthusiasm. This was a wake up call.”
Nassim El-Hindi
El-Hindi Insurance

“Uplifting, lively and passionate. I gained insight into my inner self.”
Rodger Van Riesen
Canfin Financial Group

“I had a realization that unmet needs are the blocking problem. The presentation was full of passion and excitement.”
Jeff May
CBA Wealth

“I liked Simon’s energy and honesty. I didn’t expect to learn the formula for success and the importance of journaling and written goals.”
Linda Veiledal
OTIP Insurance Brokers Inc.

“Enthusiastic presentation. The information gained will help in building a vision for the future.”
Darren Reith
Reith & Associates Insurance and Financial Services

“Enthusiasm about what can be done, Simon offered a great vision of possibilities. I have a really good start at preparing what I want for the future. This is especially important since I am new to the industry.”
Jennifer Boone
Reith & Associates Insurance and Financial Service

“Upbeat, brought clarity and a format for increasing productivity. I didn’t expect to receive the importance of a plan and the system to implement it.”
Laurence Shepley Sr.
Percentage Plus Financial Group

“The passion that Simon shows affects the audience to participate. I have confirmation of my values to meet my unmet needs and beliefs in order to move on.”
Keith Sutherland
CBA Wealth

“It made me realize the importance of revisiting my goals and vision. I learned how to be satisfied and happy.”
Todd Gillick
Chassie Co Financial Corporation

“The best part of the presentation was the transfer of enthusiasm to myself. This will allow me to return to the office rejuvenated. I understand ideas are transferable to any type of business and not just financial advisors.”
Michael Ede
Platinum Financial

“Lively and stimulating.”
Eugene Wong Won
Freedom 55 Financial