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Testimonials from Great West Life– Montreal, QC – October 18, 2010

“The best part of the presentation was Simon’s enthusiasm and energy. I didn’t expect to have a re-organization of my ideas.”
Greg Berman
Berman Insurance & Financial Services. 

“Made me think about the reasons why my vision and productivity goals and objectives are not being met. I was offered tools to use and examine in dealing with building a foundation towards being able to implement productivity and growth systems.”
Stephen Webb
Entrust Financial Services

“To the point and right on the spot for me.”
Louis L’es Perance
Belas Assurances

“I enjoyed the enthusiasm, energy and industry specific information. I came away with really good ideas.”
Kasey Boisselle
Belton Financial Services Ltd.

“Presentation was great! I am motivated to put myself into action. Aces on the presentation.”
Vachon Henri Paul
90180555 Quebec Inc.

“The presentation spoke to how I am feeling in my business right now. I have an understanding that I need to address and understand some underlying things first.”
Tanis Robertson
Quadras / Brian Mallard & Associates

“Reinforced the idea that I have to work on my business and not just in the business.”
Bob Bayes
Bayes Financial

“What energy and passion for the topic. The belief in positivity is contagious. I didn’t expect to have access to additional learning materials.”
Doug Facey
Facey Financial Planning and Consulting Inc.  

“You hit me between the eyes with all the stuff I don’t do: I do not have a written plan. Look at this guy’s energy. The presentation was effortless as Simon has a plan and reasons for doing it. Very good!”
Trevor Grabowski
Brian Mallard & Associates

 “The information about unmet needs was very interesting. I have a need to get more positive feelings about my staff also how to eliminate fear and ask for referrals. I had never thought of values as being an asset.”
Terry Windrem
The Protector Group

“Great ideas and motivational energy. I learned some very powerful tools to help me in my business growth and success.”
Ronald Antaki

“Excellent tips and ideas to identify and overcome roadblocks.”
Jean-Pascal Bruneau
Great West Life

“It was a wakeup call of what I am not doing.”
Cheryl Rasko Ferris
CW Financial Group Inc.

“Good ideas of facing and dissecting my current and future situation.”
Bob Richer
CAPCORP Planning