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Testimonials from Great American Advisors–Lake Tahoe, NV-June 17 & 18, 2010

“The realization of the need to have a written plan for my business.”
Jim Cason
Nature Coast Financial Service

“Outstanding clarification of how to overcome fears in business. You have given me a renewed inspiration about my capabilities in business.”
Esther Zack

“Fresh topic, addressing powerful emotional factors in business. I really enjoyed the personal reflection of how to overcome the ‘burnout’ phase we all face in business.”
Steve Wolf
Wolfe Money Mgt.

“It made me think about what is holding me back.”
Thomas R. Wilding
Great American Advisor

“Great, clear material. Great tips.”
Alice Rusek

“The inspiration pouring out of Simon was fantastic! I understand now the importance of writing things down, and how to clear my mind to focus on the positive in my business.”
Kara Stanley
Annuity East

“You took us through a great self examination of ideas and how to re-evaluate ourselves for past successes.”
Thomas J. Wolf
Wolf Money Mgmt.

“A great reinforcement of information that has gone by the wayside.”
Steven Zimmerman
SD Zimmerman & Assoc.

“Great presentation Simon. All of your information is so useful.”
Diane Breuer
Lincoln Investments