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Testimonials from Financial Management – Calgary, AB – March 12, 2009

“Simon’s energy is a pleasant addition to this type of presentation.”
Rob Koski – Algar Virtue & Associates

“Provided a clear message about the importance of a written plan and identifying values.”
Jim Critchley – Legacy Capital Management

“Great passion and clear, insightful content.”
Aldena Nielsen – Legacy Capital Management

“Passion, energy and great variety of useful and thought provoking ideas.”
Jordan Tanner – Canada Life

“Good to experience the basic self-analysis and self-fulfillment strategies that are often neglected. Very energetic and good audience involvement.”
Kristi McTavish-Smith – Money Advisor

“Positive, practical, probing, motivating, and empowering. It reminded me to get on my game again and to focus on my business plan, on 90 day goals, to define my values in a daily journal.”
Darren Hinz – Harvest Financial

“Good reminder that there is hope! I appreciated your enthusiasm, relevant and applicable business information.”
Sharon Lepine – Financial Management North

Simon go to the root causes and provided insight into how we can improve ourselves and our businesses as a result of that.”
Glen Griffiths – McClary Financial Inc.

“I liked that Simon invited the audience to participate to see what other advisors value most. Great energy in presentation. I realized that your own internal mindset of self confidence convey itself to the client.”
Fay Oppenheim – Oppenheim Financial Services

“Enjoyed Simon’s passion and understanding of what we are all feeling like inside. I appreciated knowing that I am not alone in this industry and there are solutions.”
John Couture – Legacy Capital Management

“This was not the “typical” self improvement garbage. This presentation has substance and makes sense!”
Ken Godfray – Legacy Capital Management

“You have hit the bulls-eye. You pointed out that people are trying to fulfill unmet needs with all the wrong things and confirmed with conviction that people need this need met.”
Brian Jensen

“Great reinforcement of principles to restart and to continue some of what I am doing and what I need to do more of.”
Wendy Olson-Brodeur – Wealth Wellness Inc.

“We have a big gap in the mechanism on teaching, training & selling in our business. This bridges the gap!”
Jeff Nielsen – Legacy Capital Management

“It drills down to the heart of the problem most of us face. It was great to hear about fulfillment.”
Kevin Moorhead – Money Advisor

“Engaging and passionate. Provided the actual steps to incorporate in my practice immediately.”
Perry Petz – Financial Management

“Passion, energy and great information in this presentation. A confirmation to our team that we are indeed on the right track.”
Gerry Miller – Vision Financial Inc.

“Focused, well laid out content and thought provoking. I was reminded to re-focus on the values and to remove the clutter!”
Derek McClary – McClary Financial

“Enthusiasm, conviction and recognition that the power that lies within is a choice. Most encouraging!”
Delilah Dushenski – SK Logan & Associates

“There was directness about the issues that we are facing towards ourselves frequently.”
Ivy Wong – Ivy W Netter & Wealth Management

“This was a clear path from cutting through poor business activities to success. It was also a clear concise direction to pursuit of happiness.”
Reuben O. McDonanld – RMKC Investments and Productions Inc.

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