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Clear Your Roadblocks Workshop Testimonials From Edward Jones, Vancouver Island Region Meeting, Victoria, BC – May 26, 2011


“Enthusiastic presentation with material relevant to the real world. The clearing process was new to me.”
Orville Acton

“I liked most of the content – especially the discussion about ego and the visioning process.”
Andrea Andersen

“I love the thorough explanation of how unmet needs filter into my ability to meet my goals. I did not expect to have a program to take away and apply to my personal practice and planning.”
Barbara Armstrong

“I like how the presentation doesn’t shy away from the negatives that we all have. Simon’s world isn’t cute or flowery, but it is correct. I was able to find both values and unmet needs I didn’t know I had.”
Matt Begg

“Simon caught me off guard. I like the focus on reality and feelings instead of new techniques and gimmicks. You brought some clarity to what I was thinking and how to process it.”
James Bond

“Working through the exercises made it personal and productive. Time very well spent. It was a relief, a weight lifted off my shoulders, that it’s not just me! Simon gave real strategies to recognize and overcome challenges impeding my success.
Brenda Carter

“Energetic presentation with clear direction. The structure and clearing process is very resourceful.”
Patrick Chenier

“The presentation stimulated thoughts on underlying issues, thoughts that are preventing me from achieving results in my business.”
Lance Conarroe

“Simon presented a clear process of how to remove roadblocks and discussed feelings, values and goals!”
Thoralf Gran-Ruaz

“I liked very much the challenging aspects of the presentation and the practical activities to go away with, use and develop. Simon gave practical exercises and novel ideas. I love the ‘clearing’ exercise.”
Keith Haigh

Clear and enthusiastic presentation with quality handouts.”
Stephen Ingle

“Simon reminded me of the importance of thoughts, the law of attraction and to write it down. I used these ideas previously to become successful. Now I will use them to get beyond the plateau. I like the concept of the clearing process.”
Greg Kahan

“Liked the energy of the presentation, and like the idea that if I answer the questions, I will receive the topic notes.”
Audrey McFarlane

“The presentation was energetic, positive and inspirational to me both personally and my business. I liked the clearing method.”
Anne Menard

“The presentation provided me with enough structure to implement. If I had any questions about ‘how’, Simon gave me a clear guide of ‘how’. I kept notes of things I am ready to get started on… Thank you!”
Paul J. Miller

“I thought this was just going to be fluff but I have come to realize that I was closed minded and this process is allowing me to focus on the one person that can grow my business – me! It was an understanding presentation with clarity and focus.”
Ali Nozari

“You gave me the tools to put words to my thoughts and a process to describe the things I need to do.”
Greg Shearing

“You made me think about the unspeakable. I received a process to clear my fears.”
Niki Stanford

“The timing of this session was almost surreal as I have been struggling over the past while. I like your enthusiasm and approach.”
Louisa Zerbe