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Testimonials from Canada Life– Victoria, BC – April 29, 2010

“I appreciate the reminder that we need to regularly revisit our values and how they impact our results. Simon brought attention to the impact and affect that our personal lives have on our business success.”
Shawn Redford
Financial Management

“Very good presentation, I liked the enthusiasm. There were many points of value. “
Aaron Taylor
Taylor Wealth Design

“Energetic and engaging. The speaker was focused on the topic.”
Mike Sidhu
Island Savings Insurance

“Excellent information on goal setting, values and objectives for the year. I enjoyed the motivation and enthusiasm of the speaker.”
Cindy Low
Bowes Insurance & Financial Inc.

“Made me think about what I could do differently even though I am happy in my life and business. I have a new perspective.”
Dana Jackman
Island Savings Insurance Services Ltd.

“What animation of energy of the speaker. I didn’t expect the few nuggets of tongue in cheek humor.”
Jason Price
Sora Group

“Covered so many improvement possibilities. I received more than I expected, by far.”
Allan Peaslee
Desjardins Financial Security Inc.

Energy and vision. Great applications to change badly patterned historical thoughts.”
Trent Abbott
The Legacy Group

“Great introduction of a parable to describe what I do.”
Carla Zanotto
Canada Life

“A good review of common sense ideas. A well received refresher.”
Denis Smith
Desjardins Financial Security Inc.