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Testimonials from Canada Life- Parksville, BC -April 30, 2010

 “Excellent information, the presentation was good and enjoyable. I didn’t expect to receive so many ideas.”
Mike Espey
First Insurance

“Thought provoking. It makes me wonder if Simon could help me turn my practice into a dynamo. Enjoyed the ides of writing happy and successful thoughts in a journal.”
Glen Naylor
Sora Group/ Naylor & Associates Financial

“The energy was great. Simon shows how easily changes can be made in my business.”
Donald Irvine
Irvine Financial

“Focused, quick and enlightening. This was a wakeup call.”
Bill Stolworthy

“Interesting and thought provoking material.”
Chris Ring
Sterling Mutuals

“Amazing enthusiasm in delivering your presentation. I received a number of ways to improve myself and my business.”
Gerry Shires
Shires Insurance & Financial Services

“Very real, you hit the nail on the head with all of the thoughts and issues I go through. It’s not too late to improve my business.”
Kim Schlosser
Edward Jones

“I loved the get your needs met (unmet needs) information.  I can see how this fits in beautifully.  90% who we are and 10% what you do, this makes things clear. Excellent message!”
Christina De Souza

“Enjoyed specifics such as journaling.  You described me and some of my behaviors, you have a great understanding of what we go through.”
Lyla Pettis
Pettis Financial

“I appreciate getting practical tools in the process of growing my business. I am inspired to be more passionate about my business.”
B.J. Estes
Irvine Financial

“Exciting, energetic and up to your best presenting skills. Some ideas to expand on and a reminder of things I have forgotten.”
Andy Leitch
Canaccord Capital