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Testimonials from Advocis Westman–Brandon, MB–May 25, 2010

“I wasn’t sure what to expect but the presentation was great, very passionate!”
David Kirkup
Kirkup Agencies Ltd.

“Clear, concise and to the point on how to build business. The presentation was a road map to success. I have a greater insight as to what steps I have to take.”
Barry Twerdun
Premier Financial

“Interesting, engaging and lively. I have the inspiration to deal with my roadblocks.”
Tracy Wray
WPG The Wealth Planning Group

“Excellent reinforcement of the positive approach.”
Derryk Jackson
Independent Insurance Agent

“Very energetic and extremely informational. I didn’t expect to receive knowledge on how to deal with clients.”
Garry McMannis
Investors Group

“I love your passion.  Your focus on us, as advisors, knowing what drives our clients and what’s important to them. I received a valuable reminder to listen to my clients and to continue to be empathetic.”
Tanice Taylor
Freedom 55 Financial

“I thoroughly enjoyed the process of identifying values and needs and overcoming negative internal speech and thoughts. I was surprised to receive ideas on how to talk to clients and overcoming negative values.”
Lynette Lepischak

“Enjoyed the analysis of needs and values.  I didn’t expect the discussion of unmet needs being at the root of flaws.”
Gemma Goymer
Wawanesa Life

“The presentation was extremely relevant; it made me think.”
Shawna Wilkins
Westoba Credit Union

“Simon’s energy is contagious.  All of the presentation was applicable to my business. I wasn’t expecting to feel extreme motivation and enjoyment.”
C.J. Pavis
Investors Group

“Simon is passionate about the topic. He is well organized and has a plan for us. I received information on how I can work more efficiently.”
Heather Tymoschuk
Assante Financial Management