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Testimonials from Advocis Vancouver – Vancouver, BC – April 20, 2010

“Lots of information shared quickly, efficiently and clearly. I enjoyed the limiting beliefs session. It was great to see this type of presentation finally in our industry Pro Days. Thanks!

I didn’t expect to see some very relevant materials other than technical stuff. Starting with you – it all begins there. Practice management how simple it is to free up the mind.”
Penny Deming
SHEfinancial Group Inc.

“Most improved speaker I have seen in the last 5 years. Also it is very refreshing to see sponsorship of Advocis and corporate sponsors for speakers who want to make change.”
Bill Murdoch
Freedom 55 Financial

“Excellent tips on organization and addressing negative thought processes and how to break negative patterns. Needs must be met and you cannot meet them through others. How to exercise through this is as important as a journal.”
Tannis Rowe
Maclean Rowe Financial

“Great passion in the delivery and excellent depth of material. Presentation was very applicable to all levels in this industry. Very up to date with the times.”
Douglas Starink

“Great energy and understanding of advisor behaviors. The material related to our problems and goals. The key to success is having written and specific goals within a time frame.”
Randy Soon
Norcu Insurance Services Ltd.

“Thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere and the speaker’s dynamics. Very positive, a solid Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) event/presentation.”
Michael A. Davis
CIBC Wood Gundy

“It was an excellent reminder of my “psychology” major in University. I am a real believer in the “Self Fulfilling Prophecy.”
Gloria Zonailo
Peak Investment Services Inc.

“Open, honest, challenging and a summary of many concepts I’ve heard before. In other words, a wakeup call to get back to basics and follow my plan/system. I am encouraged and challenged to get back to the basics and plan!”
Bryan Jakeman
Jakeman Financial Group (London Life)

“Great review for me at this time in my career. I loved Part 2. Excellent information on how to conduct business effectively – values based. Two presentations from Simon in one day what a bonus. I am excited to read the book and receive a copy of the Practice Management Presentation. I am sure it will be great.”
Glennis Deslippe
Integral Financial Services Inc.

“Good reminder of the potential we all possess but don’t necessarily act upon. I may need help from someone like Simon to unlock this potential.”
Michael Healey
ZLC Financial Group

“The presentations covered many relevant points that I face on a daily basis. The material was conveniently provided with strategies to help address them.”
Bernie Geiss
Cove Financial Planning Ltd.

“Very clear, positive steps to success. I am no longer an independent financial advisor but I found value inspiration in everything Simon spoke about. I can apply this to my niche market!”
Marilyn Kernahan
PBC Wealth Management

“Good energy. Simon reminded us we are more than product pushers. I am committed to reassessing my values and why I do what I do.”
Didier Hovasse
RBC Life Insurance Company

“Very good practical advice. I did not expect to receive a copy of the slides.”
Mark Schulhof
Card Financial Inc.

“Directly relates to my financial planning practice. Well done!”
C.J Sidhu
Sun Life Financial

“The presentation was clear and concise and provided the inspiration to write my plan down.”
William Hildebrandt
Freedom 55 Financial

“Simon has great enthusiasm and passion as a speaker and did very well at engaging the audience. There were lots of great suggestions of books to read and use as a referral tool.”
Kathy Kalmar
Global Pacific Financial Services

“There is so much we can improve upon and your presentation clarified how to do this.”
Gordon Mayede
Sun Life Financial

“The energy was great. The information was timely and the fast pace kept it interesting.”
Neil Menzies
Arbutus Financial

“Starts in the right place with values, thoughts, beliefs and affirmations. I received lots to work on to keep my practice vital and interesting.”
John Peters
J Peters Financial Consulting

“I appreciated Simon’s energy and passion for the subject. The referral card is a genius idea. I do appreciate this.”
Rita Mathers
Mathers Financial Planning

“Rekindles the need to write it down, do your affirmations and goals. Stop floating. I have a clear understanding of Simon’s approach and his services.”
Netty Vogels
Freedom 55 Financial / Vogels Financial Services

“Clearly defined the distinction between values and needs.”
Ed Jackson
Ed Jackson Financial

“What energy and enthusiasm. Great training ideas. Excellent reading list and a new angle on goal setting.”
Dawn Daughton
Sun Life Financial

“Having just heard the Landmark Forum, I heard some similarities.”
Michael Ian Choa
Canada Financial Group Incorporated

“I didn’t expect to learn about values or have an affirmation of my beliefs.”
Tracey Cambridge
Global Pacific

“I thoroughly enjoyed the energy of the speaker.”
Alick Muxlow
Raymond James

“Reminded me of what I had forgotten. Reinforcement of the value of writing on paper versus doing everything by email.”
Jim Evans
RJ Evans & Associates

“Crisp presentation that was supported by excellent references (books/authors). Your refresher has several practical applications. Thanks!”
David Wright
David J. Wright Financial Services Inc.

“Thank you for a simple inspiring presentation and for a copy of your book. I’m sure it will be useful and I appreciate it.”
Bev Babcock
Sun Life Financial

“I was personally enlightened as to some strengths and weaknesses in my approach to my career. Thank you.”
Philip Levinson
ZLC Financial Group

“Very well spoken and clear. Great material and a good pace. When you run on unmet needs those unmet needs set the priorities.”
Carol-Ann Lang
Carol Ann Lang Inc.

“I was surprised to learn how our unmet needs and fears hold us back.”
Ainslie Winter
A.O. Winter Financial Services Inc.

“What energy.”
Sean McConnell
McConnell Risk Management

“I enjoyed the Road Block Score Sheet and re-establishing my values.”
Kenn Sundberg
Wellspring Management Corp.

“The best part was learning the distinction between values and needs.”
Ed Jackson
Ed Jackson Financial

“Excellent energy of the speaker.”
Alick Muxlow
Raymond James

“Excitement and passion, lots of life and ideas. Great useful practical ideas. I didn’t expect Financial Survivor vs. Financial Advisor, value system & priorities, and the time management plan.”
Sharen McRae
Sun Life Financial

“Clarity, Simon brought a new view of things I already knew. I learned how to apply my vision.”
David Petty
Investors Group

“Great energy and fantastic content. Great work.”
Bart Wisniowski
Advisor Websites.com

“The fact is the presentation motivated me to put Simon’s ideas into practice. This was the push I needed.”
Michael Solnes
Solguard Financial Ltd.

“Interesting content. A look in the mirror.”
Scott Phemister
Phemister Insurance-financial

“Energy was great. Good overview, it was real teaser. I didn’t expect the practice management material.”
Lisa Rodgers
TD Waterhouse

“Level of energy and enthusiasm. It cleared the mind.”
Corry L. Staff

“Good animated speaker.”
Warren Miles-Pickup

“A great focus on basics and fundamentals.”
Richard Navarro, CFP
Hub Capital Inc.

“Great reminder to focus on niche and client centered values.”
Avis Laphan
Avis Lapham Financial Services

“Real life presenter, inspiring.”
Lynn Daoust
LJ Daoust Financial Services

“Excellent enthusiasm, energy, beliefs, passion and ideas. Lots of ideas that I can use now.”
Sherman Friesen

“The passion we need to exercise. A positive review of many things I know but needed a positive re-organization of the right things; 90 day goals.”
Merv Evdokimenko
Artel Insurance Services Inc

“Expert knowledge on running a good practice.”
Daniel Wong
Investia Financial Services Inc.

“You have passion for what you do. After most presentations I write two sets of notes: 1 is a summary and the second is a list of to do’s. Today it is titled ‘Must Do’ – I am energized.”
Gardy Frost
Arbutus Financial

“Animated, thought-provoking with probing content. Practical advice.”
Myra Adirim
Lynne Zlotnik Wealth Management

“There is so much we can improve upon and your presentation clarified how to do this.”
Gordon Mayede
Sun Life Financial