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Testimonials from Advocis Sault Ste Marie –Sault Ste Marie, ON – December 17, 2009

“Engaging, animated and well worth the time spent. I didn’t expect the challenge to proceed with my goal setting. I know it must be done but I haven’t been doing it. Thank you for the wakeup call.”
Diane Adams
Freedom 55 Financial

“The presentation was directly addressing a common challenge of all in our business.”
David Gearing
Freedom 55 Financial

“A great reinforcement of the need to plan and ask for referrals.”
Eric Barton
Freedom 55 Financial

“Great flow and no bull. I didn’t expect this feeling of insight. I am looking at me a lot more closely.”
Patrick Pipoli
Freedom 55 Financial

“The presentation helped to make my beliefs and values surface again. The value added that Simon offers are above and beyond.”
John Ruckstuhl
Freedom 55 Financial

“The animation of the speaker made the length of the presentation seem short. I have now learned the importance of making yearly goals as well as short-term (90 days) goals.”
Jason Martineau
Freedom 55 Financial