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Testimonials from Advocis Ottawa; Ottawa, ON – November 20, 2008

“Energetic, passionate, and positive. Practical advice easily implemented with
personal commitment.”

Heather Park-Wheeler – Sunlife Financial

“Your presentation helped me realize that I’m not the only one struggling with
these issues. Honest, in your face, no hiding from reality, you offer great

Shawn Warner – Hillier & Associates

“Clear, energetic and easy to understand. Expert advice on how to get focused on
my future.”

Chuck Larter – Knights of Columbus

“Integrity of delivery. Truth and familiarity.”
Garry Stearns – Sunlife Financial

“Every single moment of your presentation was outstanding. You are bang on!!
This is exactly what I wanted to hear this morning – great timing!!”

John Cornwall 0- Investors Group

“Took the complex task of writing a business plan and made it easy to do. “
Don Taylor – Investment Planning Counsel

“Interesting material, you are an inspiring speaker with great energy. This is
the most fun I’ve had at an Advocis Meeting. Great creative ideas to improve my

Barb Gladwish – Desjardins Financial Security

“Open, inspiring, I can relate to the roadblocks from my own past experiences.
Great approaches to overcoming some of the hurdles to asking for the business.”

Brian Erwin – Michael D. Currey Insurance Agencies Inc.

“Interesting to think about a plan instead of all the bad news in the market

Manuel Gaudrea – Investment Planning Counsel

“I really enjoyed your concentration of focus and results. You awoke my fears of
unmet needs.”

Richard Holdham – Freedom 55 Financial

“It put into perspective why we do some of the things that we do. Great
motivation to talk to clients about tough stuff and asking for referrals.”

Joe Dakers – The Co-Operators

“Clear message in an informative and humorous approach.”
Bill MacGregor – Desjardins Financial Security

“Thought provoking and great insight.”
Claude Bertrand – Desjardins Financial Security

“You offer confidence and a positive confident outlook on business today.
Great insight, clarity in focus and my purpose”

Joseph Lopes – Desjardins Financial Security

“Great message on the importance of focusing on values.”
M. Pecorella – State Farm Insurance

“Really glad I came today. Wasn’t sure what to expect but you forced me get off
my butt and start thinking about my values, my unmet needs and my business

Meiz M. Majdoub – Majdoub Financial Services Inc.

“Positive and inspiring material.”
Tracy Berthelet

“Clarification on how unmet needs affect our whole outlook. Great insight into
my own limiting beliefs”.

Randi Lockeberg – Dundee Private Investors Inc.

“Great presenter, great material. Thanks for the inspiration to get ready for

Mike Matuszek – Great West Life

“I learned about what we need to know about ourselves in order to better service
our clients. You offer a different view on motivation!”

Chris Valentine – Freedom 55 Financial

“Intelligent, timely and an inspiring message. Great insights into my life and
that I am wasting away some of my time.”

John Landry – John D Landry Financial

“Great connection between values and feelings and how to use this to inspire
myself in my business.”

Rick Sutherland – Fundex Invested Interest

“Enthusiastic, right now I am struggling and very much needed this kind of
uplifting presentation. Thanks for the extra guidance into the New Year.”

Patricia Atherton – Sunlife Financial

“Thank you, an awesome presentation. Great reminder about living from one’s

Colleen Wasycko – Blackmont Capital Inc.

“Inspiring, timely, and the material is personal.”
Geoff Carter – Freedom 55 Financial

“Thanks for explaining the importance of getting a vision to set your goals.”
Angela Coolin – Great West Life

“Clear, well delivered and good knowledge of the subject. Thanks for the wake up

Pierre Cantin – Industrial Alliance

“Realization that I need to have clear, written business plan.”
Rob Stewart – Dundee Financial

“The emphasis placed on Values and the application of these values to remove
‘reblocks’ to success. The need to maintain, sustain and explain my vision and
passion for my work while applying the Values that will generate positive
results, and be thankful!”

Michael McAlear – Morneau Sobeco

“Eye opening to reality of what is going on.”
Jim Wellman – Desjardins Financial

“Reminder of how our negative thoughts are a self fulfilling prophecy, vs.
positive thoughts. Same thing, it’s a choice.”

Allan Dalley – Sunlife Financial

“Simon had a plan for his presentation and he executed the delivery perfectly.”
Al Walton – Independent Planning Group

“The enthusiasm Simon hade in the presentation was great. He made me believe
everything he said. He gave me back the energy that I was lacking in school and

Yasser Kari – Algonquin College

“Bringing me back to the basic steps necessary to achieve success. The energy
generated throughout was great. Ideas going forward which I knew but needed a

Carol Hall – Hall Financial Services

“Very organized – delivered in a very folksy manner. Excellent speaking skills.
Great structured format for plan development.”

John E Finn – Independent Planning Group

“Thank you for shedding light on the concept of unmet needs and how they are
holding me back in my business. You re-energized me to review my vision.”

Richard Yasinski – Financially Sound

“It provided a great refocus on the basics of my business. Well presented!”
Yves Roy – Roy & Associates

“It gave me some clarity around some of my current feelings about my business,
and some ideas on how to change my thinking.”

Harry Trefry – Freedom 55 Financial