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One Page Business Plan Speaking Testimonials from Advocis – Ottawa, ON – September 15, 2011

“Simon’s enthusiasm helped keep me alert and his enthusiasm was returned. I appreciated the synergy; I was working with a coach and not getting the results I wanted. Simon gave examples and illustrations for objectives and action plans. He offered a business plan format that can be completed in 90 minutes. I was very impressed with the simplicity of it all.”
Betty-Anne Howard
Making Dreams a Reality Financial Services

“Simon was surprisingly energetic and came straight at the heart of business planning that we can all do better. I got a kick in the pants that came at a great time.”
David McGruer
Dundee Wealth

“Your energy and enthusiasm has the effect of motivating your audience in evaluating their own plan. Although I’ve been in the business for a while, I felt an excitement to move ahead and plan.”
Carol Hall
Hall Financial Services

“I enjoyed Simon talking about the importance of planning and being specific, and about how your conscience guides all decisions.”
Don Taylor
Investment Planning Counsel

“I liked the 1 page organizer, the structure and straightforward organization. I liked that he is sending me the ‘Step 3’ link via email.”
Jerry Courteau
Sun Life Financial

Simon, you are a very passionate speaker. I am very interested in your simple One Page Business Plan – the easy layout is very appealing. I am motivated. Your talk has motivated me to review my business plan. Thank you.”
Elese Timinski
Manulife Financial

“Highly energetic presentation. Simon provided good information when I am in the process of preparing a business plan.”
Pauline Beauchamp

“Simon was energetic and passionate. He provided clarification on how to plan.”
Chuck Larter
Knights of Columbus

“The presentation was quick and to the point. I might actually do a plan now. In the past they were done and filed or they were too difficult to maintain.”
Mark Houghting
MSH Accounting Inc.