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Testimonials from Advocis North Central Saskatchewan – Saskatoon, SK – April 22, 2009

“It stimulated my thinking at a time when I need to reinvent my business going forward."
Barry MacDonald – Dundee Securities Corp.

"The motivation I have received today from your presentation, I will be able to apply to all aspect of my life, including my business. You are very knowledgeable on a field I have heard so much about but have never experience in a presentation before.”
Gabe Mackesey – Freedom 55 Financial

"I like this type of thinking, I believe it will be how I hope to run my personal and business life. You don’t often hear of this type of ideals in a business conference, but it was so refreshing."
Taylor Hewson – Discovery Financial Group Ltd.

"Relating the ‘inner’ to the ‘outer’, was very insightful. Your passion shines through when you speak!"
Melody Smith – Great West Life

"Love the energy. You really got me motivated at working on my business. You gave me a new outlook for going forward."
Darren MacDonald – Dundee Securities Corp.

"Your enthusiasm was fantastic, and I really enjoyed your material on the importance of asking for referrals. You have extensive information in your presentation."
Ed Ross – Edward S. Ross

"Lots of enthusiasm and you have a great delivery styles along with great ideas. You are so passionate about what you are sharing."
Jack Comeau – Comeau Financial Inc.

"Great energy and ideas you gave us to ensure we can be the best we can be. You motivated us about our own feelings and values, and the link to do a business plan and work on our vision for our business."
Laurie and Jim McKay – Freedom 55 Financial

"I have always believed that growth is an inside job whether it is spiritual, personal or business growth. Your presentation supported my belief. I didn’t really expect a presentation on surviving in this industry to be so focused on the ‘law of attraction’, and attitude of gratitude, but it was fabulous!"
Carol Thompson – Customplan Financial Advisor

"Great humour and enthusiasm for your material, and the way you present is great. You speak the truth about a lot of things regarding our attitudes in this business, you hit the nail straight on the head."
Mary McGregor – McGregor Financial Inc.

"You got me to think about what I’m focusing on day to day, and how to become more effective in my business."
Kristen Hamm – Freedom 55 Financial


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