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Testimonials from Advocis London–London, ON – March 25, 2010

“This presentation is one of the most inspiring and informative since I spent 3 days with Anthony Robbins in California. I have a successful family financial planning practice for the last 30 years. Please call our office for a comprehensive, personal consultation to help grow our practice ASAP. Thank you.”
Walter V. Georgijev
The Georgijev Financial Group        

“Simon reflects such a positive attitude in his presentation, and he is a nice person that seems very down to earth.”
Brian R. Wilson
Tax Free Cash Inc.

“Simon provides lots of energy for a subject that needs to be addressed within our industry. Attending your presentation has renewed my interest in planning for my business.”
David Brady
Brady Financial Services

“Simon’s enthusiasm is radiant. I was inspired to not only help myself ‘clear roadblocks’, but help others achieve similar goals at the same time.”
Josh Maclean
Worldsource Financial Management

“The presentation covers many areas that advisors need to address in their business.”
Paul Gowan
Freedom 55 Financial

 “Simon delivers more than just speaking about motivation. He has a clear picture of the blocks advisors are facing in business.”
Irv Wilson
Thames Financial Group

“Simon offers great clarity of how to focus on the positive by getting past the negative.”
Russ Highfield
Highfield Group

“I really enjoyed your high energy and enthusiasm. You clearly have a passion for what you do.”
Angel Georgijev-Lowe

“You made a tough subject interesting and with a lot of energy and conviction.”
Ray Rochefort
Dominion Lending Centers

“Great energy!”
Janice Agmussen

“Excellent presentation. Your specific points and discussion of unmet needs vs. motivation and the effect on business was very interesting.”
Pat Magliaro
Independent Planning Group

“I really enjoyed the material on how to build a business and not being addicted to selling. And it’s refreshing to know that everyone goes through the same struggles at some point, but that there is a way to overcome this. Thanks Simon.”
Rebecca Perrin
Sun Life Financial

“Simon you delivered a great presentation, and I really like your book!”
Jeff Comiskey
Canadian Term Insurance

“You offer a clear understanding of how unmet needs get in the way of success.”
Mehendi Kamani
Standard Life

“Great enthusiasm, knowledge of our industry and great content. You have lots of useful and relevant information you share with us. I have an understanding now of how to better direct and learn how to structure my business.”
Dave Fleming
Empire Life