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Testimonials from HUB Calgary – Calgary, AB – October 26, 2010

“Energy, commitment, compassion and passion. Just what I needed to energize me! The presentation made me believe in myself, my values as an advisor and my business.”
Dean Christie
Investia Financial Services

“It reminded me of the goal setting exercise I used to do and will start doing again.”
Aubrey Fraser
HUB Financial

“It was a nice presentation and very motivational. I learned how to get rid of negative emotions and see things from a positive side.”
Khabra Satinder
HUB Financial

“You didn’t waste time. You reminded me of the importance of referrals and passion.”
Ellen Wise
Partners Aligned Financial Corp.

“Enjoyed your energy and honesty. Deep down we all know that we have to make some changes in our sub-conscious in order to see real changes in our business. A reminder of the daily things I need to do in order to really have a great 2011.”
Monika Bilske
Partners Aligned Financial Corp.

“Commitment, enthusiasm and a different approach.”
Robert Eagleson
Lundgren & Young Insurance

“Enjoyed the step by step process, your enthusiasm and your knowledge.”
John Armstrong
Toole Peet Insurance

“Simon’s enthusiasm and conviction made me want to read his book. I will read it! He truly believes in his words!”
Elana Weinstein
Weinstein Insurance

“He speaks through experience.”
Joy Gomez
Great Life Financial

“Another reminder to what I already know and I must be doing to succeed. It was great to have received the book as a gift. I plan to spend some time working on my business by using the exercises and techniques your recommended to your clients.”
Ekaterina Lapteva
Partners Aligned Financial Corp.

“The best part of the presentation was Simons focus on values.”
Alicia Cabagan
Great Life Financial

“He breaks down the reasons for non-success down to basics and shows us how to reverse them. I have an urge to actually go home and follow through with the book’s ‘game plan.’ I have read other books but this is the first time I have had a good feeling about following through.”
Terry Clark
Partners Aligned Financial Corp.