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Clear Your Roadblocks Speaking Testimonials from NAIFA Boise – Boise, ID – March 15, 2012

“Simon helped identify what I need to do to start the process of focusing my business. I didn’t expect his enthusiasm – I needed to be pumped up today.”
Tom Shores, NAIFA Boise President
Shores Insurance

“At 33 years in this business, your presentation was spot on. You gave me the motivation to focus.”
Hyatt Erstad
Erstad & Company

“I like the idea of overcoming limiting beliefs and your referral ideas.”
Gerald G. Hartman
Insurance Network America

”I enjoyed the information and your enthusiasm! You examined the how and the why.”
John Sellin
JBS & Associates

“I liked the message of personal growth and limiting beliefs. I have been doing my work for over a year and it’s showing up in my business and personal life; the Law of attraction is real.”
Jeff Cornilles
Cornilles Financial Services

“I really liked the focus on our inner selves and what is truly holding us back. It was a nice contrast to the typical motivational talk. It made me look inward for issues!”
Elise Ann Daniel
Daniel Insurance

”The presentation reinforced what I’ve known for many years. Simon gave another good referral system.”
Stan Mock
Financial Planning Services

”A heartfelt and inspiring presentation that had time value. The power of attraction and making a difference is the way I live my life. Thank you for discussing the importance and how it is life changing. It inspired me to start my 90-day goal list today as well as writing down personal assets and values and referring to it daily.”
Camille Olson

“I enjoyed your energy and passion! I also enjoyed your plan and knowledge that you shared. Motivating! One of the best speakers I’ve ever heard! You shared things that are important in all aspects of our lives – not just business.”
Kathleen A. Mecham
Jensco, Inc.

“The presentation reminded me of things that I knew but haven’t been practicing. I liked the idea of planning annually and the first 90 days I use the plan but now set the same goals each year. That doesn’t work.”
Brian Bardsley
Princor Financial Services

“I enjoyed the passion and confirmation.”
April L. Howard
Howard Insurance Agency Ins.

“You’ve motivated me to get out of my negative thinking and to put a plan on paper. I liked the ideas of how to get out of fear and failure.”
Curtis V. Hansen

“I enjoyed Simon’s energy! The information presented was excellent and pertinent to me. We received a 90-day plan to 5-year plan, and journal – I write but not to the extent that it is in one place. It made me think about daily values.”
Don Brown

“Simon was engaging, easy to follow and understand. I received specific examples of what I can do where I work to be successful.”
Isaac S. Choules

“I enjoyed Simon’s enthusiasm and he had great material. It felt very possibly Simon was talking directly to me!
Wayne D. Thiel
Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company of Idaho