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Pro-Seminars – Winnipeg Testimonials – October 2, 2008

“Great ideas on staying focused.”
Dale Kalyniuk – Federated Insurance

“High energy and consistent attitude towards today’s problems. Thanks for the answers!”
Serril Gunn – Strategic financial Solutions

“Eliminating fear – believing in yourself as knowledgeable in your field that you are committed in what you do. Great confidence and passion, believing in yourself, making your vision happen.”
Azad Mahammed – SIM Pilot Agency

“Great positive message about the future of financial services.”
Linda Garrett  – Desjardins Financial

“Energetic and great material. Insight into how unmet needs affect the lack of growth of my business.”
Ken Roy – Stonewall Insurance

“Clean, simple to follow. Your material makes sense.”
Ted Kresmanowich – Cambridge Consultants

“Information was on target and useable. Really enjoyed listening to your presentation and I can use and will use these tips. Great content.”
Darlene Kane – Primerica Financial Services

“Affirmation we are on the right track with our business.”
Bill Mackay – Advantage Wealth Systems Inc.

“Very informative, you keep your audience engaged.”
DL Campeau – Wellington West

“Good content, especially in today’s world. You made me look at myself in a new way.”
Joan Temple – The Cooperators

“Enthusiastic presentation. Couple of points to use that I had forgotten about, thanks for the reminder.”
John McDonald – BSI Insurance Brokers Ltd.

“Rethinking my goals and how to achieve them. Really enjoyed your material on referrals. Forget the fear, and see the people!”
Richard Symbol – Faithlife Financial

“You have great energy and you engage the audience so well. Great concepts that I can use as an insurance marketer.”
Richard Phillips – Federated Insurance

“Great passion about removing the roadblocks to business.”
David Flintoft – Federated insurance

“Good ideas to use to improve my business practice.”
Andy Hamilton – Great West Life

“A wake up call about how fear is affecting my business and my life.”
Boyd Van Blarkom

“Realism to the current trends of our market. Great vision for how to understand the real issues before us.”
Brian Konrad – Investors Group

“Very upbeat and positive. You opened my mind to accepting this approach.”
Richard Goudy

“Enthusiasm and content of the message and taking out the fear of success was great. I would look forward in reading your material on how to walk the walk and not just talk the talk. Mr Reilly sends a true strong message.”
Norbert Collette – Canada Life

“Simon has incredible and enthusiasm and passion – well done!”
Cal Higgins – Investors Group

“You give great direction on where to start to help during the challenging market times.”
Fran Wieffering – Sunlife

“You got me to be honest with myself, look at where I’m at, and where I want to be.”
Les Langnes – Faithlife Financial

“Very motivational. Made me rethink my goals.”
Wesley Sigualdason – Sigualdason Insurance Brokers Ltd.

“The enthusiastic approach and sincerity min reaching us the audience, without the presentation feeling like a sales pitch. I have seen you speak before, but find myself intrigued even if the message is similar.”
Jordan Derlago – Valley Gardens Insurance

“You recharged my batteries!”
Anthony Catellier – Catellier Insurance Agency

“Your information is readily usable. Found myself sitting and listening intently, only stopping to write down numerous goals and activities, and plans for myself and the staff. Thanks ever so much.”
Guy Arnott – Arnott Financial Services

“Excellent communication of topic not often discussed. Reinforcement to stop being so busy and start with a plan.”
Larry Staciuk – The Cooperators