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One Page Business Plan Testimonials from Pro Seminars – Toronto, ON – April 17, 2013

“I liked your enthusiasm and direct approach. I also liked the logic of the process, the simplicity of the approach, and the simplicity of the discipline. It was a high-quality presentation and I appreciated Simon’s professionalism.”
Betty Tomsett
Richardson GMP

“Simon delivered the presentation in a clear and concise manner. It was an impressive delivery. It was a wake-up on how important a written plan is for maintaining focus and direction.”
Pardeep Dhillon
Avon Insurance

“Simon had energy and sincerity. It was back to basics which I have let slip by. I liked the simplicity. I welcome speaking with you.”
Alex Stojanoff
Qualified Financial Services

“I liked the focus on how to grow my business and I know more about myself in the business.”
Jorge Melian
Canada Loyal Financial

“I enjoyed the tempo/speed of the presentation and you being yourself. I know we can do better in any situation.”
Donna Raczka
Donna Raczka Ins Agency Inc.

“Simon reacquainted me with my self-worth, the importance of a written plan, and some strategies.  I always felt that it would be opportunistic to ask for referrals; however, Simon spoke about the importance of asking for referrals.”
Debra Abrahams
State Farm

“I liked your beliefs. The presentation was an extraordinary departure from financial planning and  much needed advice.”
Mark D’Souza
Om Financial Inc.

“It was a very moving, personal and *     * presentation. Simon was very focused and well prepared. It was excellent! I feel more confident, there’s a stirring of my consciousness and I’m thinking of embracing change.”
Michael Duggan
Investors Group

“The presentation was very informative and inspiring. I had no expectations but am very pleased with the clarity of explanation provided. Thank you for the time. You have inspired me.”
Maritess Montes
Phil Arnold Insurance