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One Page Business Plan Testimonials from Pro Seminars – Las Vegas, NV – September 12, 2012

“Your tone of voice is easy to listen to. Your material pertains to what I do. I can actually develop me own plan.”
Shirley Granger
Borderline Life Insurance

“I’m looking at what questions I need to ask myself. This will help me to help others. Cool! My greatest asset is, not time, not money, not energy, but my ‘consciousness’. I need to revisit my focus.”
Wilmar Federau
Investors Group

“I liked everything about the presentation. It brought into focus what I knew but have never done. How much of what I need to change is common sense. I do have the answers; I just need the courage to ask the questions.”
Declan O’Reilly
O’Reilly Insurance Ltd.

“What I liked best about the presentation was when Simon talked about the process for hiring an assistant, the one page business plan, assisting with priorities and asking for business. It’s important to write a business plan. We received free stuff.”
Harvey Tribe
Mutual Financial Services

“The presentation reinforced ideas I have used but gotten away from and need to get back to. It was good reinforcement for my staff that were there for the first time.”
William McDonald
The Cooperators

“Content rich and well presented. I received verification that I’m on the right path in my thinking.”
Paul Lauzon
Lauzon Financial

The best part of the presentation was when Simon talked about the list of habits that hinder us and ways to improve our success rate. We received a tutorial program to assist with building a business plan and other free offerings.”
Annie Guy
Artimum Mutual Funds Inc.

“We received ideas on how to establish more consistency in the business and measure objectives.”
Jim Matson
Matson Financial Services, Inc.

“It was a focused and clear explanation, very organized and full of information. The information on succession planning was a very logical approach.”
Marilyn McGhan
Shaw Insurance Agencies Ltd.

“I thought the presentation might be the same ‘write a plan’ information that is usually given out; however, this presentation had more useful information than that.”
Nortina Bell

“You were talking to me. I need to retool and focus. It was a simple message for a common problem. I received a wakeup!”
Jeffrey Holbrook
Investors Group

“The presentation was very motivating and relates to my current business plan and daily conflicts of my time. There was free, useful content I can implement right away.”
Michelle A. Hunter
Investors Group

“The presentation was simple, concise and to the point. It got me thinking about taking the time plan my business better.”
Peter MacIntosh
MacIntosh Financial

“The best part of the presentation was the content and passion of the presenter. A written business plan is important and achievable. It reinforced my vision and the changes that I need to make. We received the client engagement process.”
Margaret Dokic
Investors Group

“I liked the simplicity of setting up a plan and manageable goals. I am surprised that this will be sent to me without charge.”
Vicky Benedetti
Investors Group

“The presentation was clearly articulated and very appropriate ideas for our business. There were some ideas that I can apply to running a more effective business. I am interested in the steps for hiring a good assistant.”
Larry Onions
Investors Group

Simon gave examples of what to do better, habits that I need to build. The Discipline Success Chart was a great reminder of what I need to do.”
Jim Dunton
Freedom 55 Financial

“I liked the disciplines of where we are, what are the next step of disciplines. I received clarity around creating an all-encompassing business plan.”
Carolyn Melnychuk
Secured Future

“The best part of the presentation was the clarity of the issues that impact capacity for business growth. I received clear steps to implement building a simple, easy-to-prepare business plan.”
Nina Myers
Investors Group

“The presentation motivated me to take another look at my business plan, to streamline it. It is possible to write a business plan that is short, succinct and achievable.”
Dianne Dimozantos
Investors Group