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One Page Business Plan Testimonials from Lincoln Investment National Advisor Summit – Philadelphia, PA – May 31, 2012

“I liked the 1, 3 and 5 year plan. I didn’t expect to receive the – no new C & D clients statement.”
Christian Isaly
West Coast Financial

“I liked the energy of your presentation and, specifically, the relevance to our industry. Simon, you’re very approachable. Your content and message addressed directly human psychology of achievement.”
Troy Dawson
Reliant Financial Group

“The presentation reminded of what I have not done in the past 12 months.”
Craig D. Snavely
Lincoln Investment

“It was a values-based presentation. I received confirmation of purpose.”
Steven A. Maicus
Lincoln Investment

“In addition to thinking about looking back at what we’ve been through, the accomplishments of the past, I liked the ideas about getting quiet so that I can work toward creating a mission statement. You had some wonderful ideas that I think can actually be implemented into making my business better.”
Kelly Larkin
Lincoln Investment Planning

“I liked that Simon was knowledgeable of the financial industry. We received ‘guidelines for changes’.”
Ed Burklo
Lincoln Investment

“The presentation reaffirmed what I’ve been feeling. I didn’t expect to hear Carl’s endorsement.”
Terry Gallagher
Hendershot Financial Group – Lincoln Investment Planning

“Great information and motivation. Simon provided clarification on what a business plan should mean to me.”
Ryan Redfern
Shadowridge Asset Management

“A concise, comprehensive system and process. A well done presentation with great energy. I now know how much I need to do – I need to get congruent so the ‘inside and outside’ match!”
Brett T. Ciarlo
Lincoln Investment Planning

“I enjoyed when Simon talked about how to develop focus and enthusiasm despite obstacles and the knowledge that there is a way to develop consistent work ethic.”
Jim Van Hollebeke
Lincoln Investment Planning

“I liked the referral system. I am inspired.”
Merritt Hunt
Merritt Hunt Retirement Planning

“Simon was genuine and knowledgeable.”
Dom Noya
Lincoln Investment Planning

“It was a clear presentation and Simon gave examples of statements. We received the outline, a time-frame (2 days to spend on me.”
Carol Ring
Lincoln Investment Planning

“It was a straight-forward process to developing a plan. I expected or knew a different approach but it was more about taking action and doing it!”
Marie Knorr
The Voyager Group Ltd.

“The action plan statements were helpful. I didn’t expect to hear about how our emotions impact the client experience.”
Jason Knox
Allen Knox Associates

“Simon gave me tangible tools to help me work more effectively. I didn’t expect the real-life testimonial.”
Jim Noe
Lincoln Investment Planning

“It is a way to get myself organized with a vision and turn positive. I didn’t expect you to know all of my issues!”
Jeffrey Flamman
Lincoln Investments

“I liked the vision statement – I will do it! And, for my clients – take care of what matters! I’m motivated and feel there is hope that I can truly change my business!”
Raymond Donnelly
Lincoln Investment Planning

“The presentation had new ideas to use.”
Tom Price
Lincoln Investment

“I liked Simon. He gave real life examples that have worked for others. I didn’t know that the business plan/goals should include life/quality of life items also.”
Scott Strum
Lincoln Investment Planning

“I enjoyed the information and Simon’s energy! I didn’t expect to hear a parable and the questions in presentation to the client.”
Diane Breuer
BPAC Financial

“I liked Simon’s sincerity and his amazing energy; it was contagious! He showed us how to ask for referrals.”
Laura Redfern
KW Gutshall & Associates

“I liked Simon’s energy and clarity of message. There is hope for improvement in business. He showed us short-term turnaround of good outcomes.”
Dave Sawchuk
Lincoln Investment

“Simon gave specific guidelines for developing vision, mission, objectives, etc. I’m motivated to get a 5-year plan in writing.”
Kathy Cawley
The Voyager Group Ltd.

“It made me think about my business in a different way. It caused me to analyze my current business goals.”
Vincent Blanche
Lincoln Investment

“Simon covered a basic subject in a professional manner. It opened my eyes to a void in my business. It was a common-sense approach to a business basic that makes one assess the existence of nonexistence of a business or action plan.”
Robert Moore
Lincoln Investment Planning

“Simon was very direct. I’m motivated and have direction.”
Travis Munro
Centera Financial

“I enjoyed the simplicity and practicality of the presentation – cutting through the pile and removing excuses. The presentation was methodical and specific around points of action. Simon had a good understanding of our industry as well as our emotional state of being. It was practical and personal .”
John Hudson
Dearborn & Creggs Investments

“Simon made me realize I could be doing better, not more. He helped me to understand how unmet needs directly correlate with my performance and the quality of work I produce.”
Jana Williams
Dearborn & Creggs

“The presentation was filled with great information and was presented with energy. I now know about all the ‘stuff’ that’s in my way.”
Lori Campbell
Lincoln Investment Planning

“I liked the ‘story.’ It all seems to be about the story – my story and sharing it. I’m motivated to have a plan by 6/30/12! I’m motivated to implement a formal referral process.”
Joan Glenn

“I liked ‘verb + noun + date = objective’. I also thought the best part of the presentation was about strategies being 3 to 5 years out and the development of the financial advisor parable. We received some freebies, and learned about the concept of how ‘unmet needs’ impact our business, and heard a testimonial from Carl.”
Doug Nelson
Doug Nelson Money Coach

“I enjoyed Simon’s excitement about achieving success and clarity. I received confirmation of the positive things I do.”
Sandy Kessler
Horizon Financial Group.

“I liked the idea of getting rid of stuff to have focus and the reminder of the commitment to attraction and gratitude.”
Lynn Kaplan
Horizon Financial Group

“Simon focused on values and ‘why’ we do what we do.”
Mark Rizzo
KGR Financial Resources

“The presentation gave me focus on creating a plan. I liked the ease of getting referrals and am inspired to create a plan.”
Joan Arciero
Creating & Managing Wealth

“I realize now that I have a lot of work to do to improve my practice and give my clients what they truly deserve from me. I didn’t expect to hear Carl’s testimonial. Often we hear from coaches/advisors but don’t know if anyone has had experience with the coach and how it worked for them.”
Mark Countryman
Dearborn & Creggs