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One Page Business Plan Speaking Testimonials from IFB – Calgary, AB – November 18, 2011

“I liked to see the One Page Plan and the process of developing a plan for advisors. You made it specific. You gave a solution. It is refreshing and you didn’t hold back information. I would like to receive your newsletter.”
Dave Bieler
Sun Life

“I liked Simon’s energy and the information he provided including strategies that are reasonable and attainable.”
Stephanie Colvin
Unigroup Inc.

“Simon showed us how to make a business plan. I have clear direction and purpose.”
Kasper Dreher
Oculus Private Wealth Ltd.

“Simon was an energetic and entertaining speaker who motivates. Thank you! I liked the many ideas that were provided.”
Lorraine Gust

“We enjoyed the enthusiasm of the presentation and the logic behind it. It provided clarity. We are re-motivated.”
Jack Hill and Dianne Starheim-Hill
Nepsis Financial Solutions

“Energetic presentation. I have the desire to take my business to the next level, implement a clear business plan and take action.”
Monika Kriedemann
Insurance Direct Canada

“I enjoyed the One Page Plan and the enthusiastic presentation. I have a better picture of how much focus I lack. We received a goal checklist.”
Stephanie Kratchmer

“Energetic presentation – engaging and powerful! I want to do something about my practice.”
Alma Mingo

“I liked the timing of the presentation. I’m at the point in my practice and career that I need to make changes. I need a plan. I had a couple of insights: How the action plan and goals will fit together, and a better understanding of my team needs.”
Garry Nanninga
Dundee Wealth

“I realize the significance of the business plan. A vision plan was a ‘new big idea’. Simon provided prioritization of activities with focus on clients. I have your book and need to read it.”
Ravi Pawa
Pinnacle Wealth Brokers

“It was a very passionate presentation that kept my interest for the entire time. I have a better in-depth knowledge of the business planning process.”
Jamie Powell
Investors Group

“I liked the business plan ideas. I have a way to re-energize myself and my business.”
Perry Reed
Elite Agencies Inc.

“It was a concrete template for a business plan. We received a lot of specifics rather than just motivational aspects.”
Herb Schultz
MGI Financial

“Simon understands our business and was to the point. I like how you market your business and package your idea.”
Richard Sheppard
Investors Group

”The presentation was energetic and informative. I liked the information and ideas presented.”
Jimmy Tan
National Best

“You are a dynamic speaker. I loved everything you said and delivered. It was the best presentation I have attended in the last 2 years. It was the first time for me attending your session. It was absolutely interesting and I feel I can take everything I heard to my business.”
Claire Thompson
Scotialife Financial

“I liked Simon’s enthusiasm with which he delivered the presentation. I also liked the idea that a plan was easy to write with the proper tool as an aid.”
Dave Wylie
Great West Life