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One Page Business Plan Speaking Testimonials from Customplan Financial Advisors, Inc. – Vancouver, BC – November 14, 2011

“I liked the admission that some of the ongoing issues I have in ‘managing’ myself and my practice are not just mine alone – they are common if not universal. I received a little lift of determination to improve my process. My hope is renewed. I will have some guidance!”
Donna Peerless
Customplan Financial

 “I liked the planning ideas and the steps to do it, and hearing what other advisors  are also struggling with.”
Gary Tong
Customplan Financial

Simon gave us visual ideas on planning our business and he put it into simple terms.”
Patrick Chee
Financial Literacy Counsel Inc.

”I liked ‘The One Page business Plan’ – the simplicity and practicality of Simon’s suggested ideas.”
Sindy Billan
SB Wealth Solutions

“I enjoyed the concept of quick planning, your energy and the realization of barriers we deal with every day.”
Arthur Claxton
Agoba Financial Services

“This was a different perspective on what I’m doing. It is a quick way to help myself plan.”
Scott Grant
Customplan Financial

“I liked the focus on why we’re in this business and the focus on the emotional side of what we do and the obstacles it creates.”
Wayne Leach
Wayne Leach Associates Financial

“Simon demonstrated empathy and standard of knowledge. It was interesting; it bridged the personal and the ‘business of the business’.”
David Mutka
Sidonia Financial Group

”I appreciated Simon’s energy and enthusiasm for his topic. His presentation was clear, concise and engaging. We had a glimpse of what seems to be a very practical and user-friendly tool for planning and tracking activity.”
Corinne Kasteel
YFM Your Finances Matter

 “I enjoyed Simon’s clarity and enthusiasm. Very refreshing! I didn’t know that you could complete a business plan in just a few hours. Thank you!”
Anja Snow

Simon presented ideas of systemization and the idea of emotional blocks and how they inhibit us.”
Carl Brodie
Customplan Financial

Your enthusiasm was great! I liked your ideas on summarizing my plan.”
Lynn Pernisie