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One Page Business Plan and Clear Your Roadblocks Testimonials from NAIFA Seattle/Eastside – Seattle, WA – November 8, 2012

“Simon gave great information and had good energy and helpful insights. It was not about doing the extra stuff… it was about getting rid of the stuff! There is no economy! Economy is in my mind, it’s in my consciousness. Good material!”
Jeff Kyle – State President, Washington
Jeff Kyle Agency

“Great manner of delivery. Simon’s material on the One Page Business Plan left me feeling better about my existing plan.”
John B Nichols – State Secretary, Washington

 “I liked the energy of the presentation. I was intrigued and had continued interest. It was a very impressive view. I’ve been to many, many ‘motivational’ seminars – this was different.”
Barbara Kubesh
Principal Financial Group

“There were many great pieces to the presentation. I liked the sand and pearl analogy and Everest and base camps. I understand better how to put together a business plan. Simon has great helpful material.”
Richard Toban
Principal Financial Group

“It made me think about next year’s goals and about my partners taking over the business over the next 10 years.”
Vic Belonis
AXA Advisors

“The presentation was informative and thought-provoking. Simon spoke about needs recognition in understanding our ego-driven minds. Thanks.”
Lance Leonard
Farmers Financial Solutions

Simon simplified things with regards to writing a business plan.”
Carol Parrish
Principal Financial Group

“I liked Simon’s energy and insight! It was very valuable information that I plan to implement. Simon spoke about the business plan template and discussed key factors.”
Branden McAllister
Midland National

“The message of tying your values to your business plan filled me with the energy to go forward. Simon spoke about re-instilling the needs and values of running a business with plans and systems.”
Mark Gardner
Mass Mutual

“It was a fast-moving presentation and he assumed, correctly, that we could follow his pace. I have a clearer understanding of vision and a business plan.”
Richard Ek
Ek and Ek Insurance

“I liked the primary points made regarding emotional success and financial / professional success. I received personal development skills.”
Ashley Hufstetler
Sound Financial Group

“I liked all of it. The ‘unmet needs’ was great and hit home for me. I didn’t expect to receive the amount of in-depth information that we did.”
Jody Lentz
Mass Mutual

“The best part of the presentation was when Simon spoke about how to active goal setting through a One Page Business Plan. We received ‘how to’ create a plan online.”
John Meek
Principal Financial Group

“I enjoyed your explanation of the ‘unmet needs’. It is such a key part of how we do and don’t take action. I didn’t expect the ‘beliefs’ portion – it was great.”
Emily Palmgren
Mass Mutual Financial Group

“I liked the focus and energy of the presentation and the passion behind the content. I’ve heard about Maslow’s Hierarchy before but never connected them to what could be holding me back in my practice.”
Cory Shepherd
Sound Financial Group

“The best part of the presentation was when Simon spoke about a commitment to your vision, delegating and referrals – asking clients what they like about working with you, what did they receive that they didn’t expect. He also spoke about the One Page Business Plan and increasing meetings from 2 times a year to 4.”
John Frankland
Puget Sound Benefit Services