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NAIFA Wyoming State Conference –The Inspirational Tipping Point – Speaking Testimonials – May 4, 2017

“I liked the roadblocks scorecard. It was very interesting. I also thought the definition of motivation was very interesting. I think oftentimes I am motivated by fear instead of being inspired.”
Sandy Houx
Farm Bureau Financial Services

“I appreciated the clear, concise analytical processes with instruction for implementation, and learning how to clear the business/personal clutter to achieve goals.”
Ida Snead
State Farm Insurance

“Simon is a very good speaker and provided lots of good information about how to do a business plan and the benefits of actually writing it down.”
Elizabeth A. Jones
Farmers Union Insurance

“I needed the reminder to do journal and brain dump to clear my mind, and appreciated the clarification on the difference between inspiration and motivation. ”
Kendal Bryce
Lincoln Financial

“Simon’s presentation provided me with reminders to value myself and ideas on how to choose what to delegate in my business.”
Erscella Stevenson
Stevenson Insurance Agency

“I came into this presentation with no preconceived expectations and really appreciated learning about how to create a short one page business plan.”
Lela Ladd
FUSA Insurance Agency

“Simon made me realize I need to unclutter and create a clear vision”
Nathan Rayl
Farm Bureau Financial Services