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NAIFA Vermont Annual State Spring Sales Conference – The Inspirational Tipping Point – May 11, 2016

Simon Reilly & Tim Cope
Simon Reilly & Tim Cope

“Simon really understands the psychology of selling, and I am impressed with his knowledge of human behavior.”
Wally Rooney
New York Life

“Simon delivered simple and relevant information to our business and to me personally. The information he gave us was both useful and practical.”
Anthony Curcio
New York Life

“I liked how Simon went through the reasons for why wed o what we do. This provided a lot of clarity for me and I felt as though Simon was speaking directly to me.”
Andrea Marcotte
New York Life

“Simon is a passionate speaker, and I really appreciated his engagement and insight regarding connecting with my values. I especially liked the focus on creating balance in my business and personal life.”
Tyler Wood
Client Centered Financial

“Simon’s straightforward information cut through the muck of how the brain works to hold us back, and I learned some simple action steps I can take today.”
Janet Cooper
Cooper Financial

“Simon gave me great information and ideas that are relevant for me and my practice.”
Nathan Muchl
Northern Mountain Associates

“Simon reminded me that I need to be accountable to myself, and that making myself better translates to being better for my family and clients.”
Rodrique P. Cousin
Cousin Financial Services

“I didn’t look at my watch once during the presentation, and enjoyed the spiritual thoughts that Simon shared. I am now inspired to make a business plan.”
Brie Allen
Hickek & Brandman

“I learned that we need to develop a business plan and how important it is to our success.”
Bob Cole
Woodmen Financial Service

“I feel motivated after Simon’s presentation, and learned some core realizations of why I do what I do, and who I am.”
Ed Rousse
National Life Group