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NAIFA Texas Career Conference – The One Page Business Plan & Inspirational Tipping Point – Speaking Testimonials – February 6, 2016

“Simon reaffirmed for me that a Plan must be the basis of which we operate our business. The Plan is a point to which we return as distractions occur. Simon’s concept of the ‘backseat driver’ was good.”

Jay Schroeder
Southern Farm Bureau

“Simon got me thinking: we have to have a plan, and we don’t have one. I now have insight on where to start.”

Greg Haynes
Victoria Insurance Group

 “A high energy presentation. Simon gave great reminders on the importance of planning.”

Joey Ussery
John Hancock

 “Knowing that Simon was going to give us the white papers gave me the freedom to pay attention to the presentation!”

Lesley Pinckard
Capital Assurance Associates

 “Simon gave a good explanation of what’s needed to improve one’s business and outcome, how to plan it with his help, and what’s needed to move forward.”

Albert Glover, Jr.
Vanguard Insurance Brokers

“The order in which Simon gave the presentation and the detailed example of the overwhelmed business owner, gave me the answers and perspective I need on how to change my focus for a healthy fulfilling outcome.”

Brian Glover
LKJ Financial

 “Although I was hesitant, I believe you can make a difference in my business. I understand the difference now between inspiration and motivation.”

Missy Pursley
Morris & Pursley Financial Plans

“Simon spoke about self-analysis to unleash our potential.”

James Thompson
Thompson Financial

 “Simon’s presentation was very thorough and well-illustrated, demonstrating the difference with strategies, objectives and some of the things that make us procrastinate.”

Hollie Gandy Donohue
Safe Money Solutions

“The presentation was well organized – the equivalent to reading a book, with good diagrams.”

Goh-Lang Eng
AIG Financial

 “Simon’s energy and breath through concepts are fabulous.”

Jules Gaudreau
The Gaudreau Group