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NAIFA Missouri State Conference- The Inspirational Tipping Point & 7 Actions to Take – Speaking Testimonials – July 24-25, 2017

“Simon helped me understand the amygdala and how to initiate and follow the writing exercise. He provided inspiration to focus on keeping my mindset in check resulting in a more positive way of thinking about my relationships, my business and my association.”

Mark Acre
One Source Insurance Group

“Success = 90% WHY. Thank you. Your message is on point. I see great value in your business ideas and will recommend you to the St. Louis Chapter.”

Jim Graham
Employee Benefits Consultants Inc.

“Most motivational/sales related talks focus on the how/what/when. You focus on the ‘WHY’. I have done personal growth work for decades and your material is exceptional”

Greg Grimes
Koley Financial

“There’s a difference between ‘needs’ and ‘values’ – and the amygdala stuff. Simon showed us how to move from now to the future – he challenged us to think where do we want to take our practice and how.”

Tony Manasseri
Thrivent Financial

“Encouraged to evaluate my goals, both for my business and for NAIFA Missouri. Simon’s material is both relevant for NAIFA and how to relate to my business to improve”

Robert McDowell
McDowell Financial Group

“I liked that Simon talked about the disciplines of success and the importance of having a business plan. The feeling of not being alone, being in this business as a ‘newbie’ it is reassuring to hear agents that have been in business for so long struggling too.”

Danielle Meads
Osceola Insurance Agency, LLC

“Simon provided inspiration for both our NAIFA Missouri membership and my business. He brought back to mind the LILI lessons I learned!”

Ann Pugh
Bill Houk Agency

“Simon showed me how to send the amygdala packing! And we now have a plan to effectively recruit new NAIFA members.”

Karen Rutledge
State Farm