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NAIFA Memphis Fall Kick Off – The Inspirational Tipping Point – Speaking Testimonials – September 13, 2016

“I really identified with the need to get uncluttered, and I was able to identify my self-imposed obstacles.”
Robert Brown
UCL Financial Group

“Simon reinforced the validity of the connection between beliefs, values, natural behavior and highest value activity. I especially enjoyed learning about the difference between motivation and inspiration.”
Jim Forbis
CFH Financial Services Inc.

“Thanks for ‘cleaning the mirror.’ It’s always good to see an honest reflection of ones’ self, and to gain a reorientation to the right path forward.”
Robert Leger
Applied Financial Strategies, LLC

“I enjoyed learning about planning my two vision statement, and have gained a greater awareness of my shortcomings.”
George Barzizza
Barzizza Insurance

“It was interesting to learn all about the amygdala and that it is real.”
Donna Hatcher
UCL Financial

“I enjoyed how Simon broke down motivation vs. inspiration, and I now have a better understanding of how our brain and emotions affect our productivity. ”
Lee Maddox
Maddox Insurance/Farmers Insurance

“Simon emphasized the importance of focusing on your values rather than your fears, and I appreciated the reminder of this principal, that I seem to forget once things start to work well.”
John Brooks
Producers Connection, LLC

“Thank you for the inspirational talk and teaching me more about my personality and values.”
Rob Williams
IronGate Financial Managers
“Simon made me see how I could be standing in my own way, and reminded me to look back and forward, and not just survive!”
LeAn Ramsey
UCL Financial

“Simon reminded me to refocus and get back to why I am successful, and I appreciated hearing the breakdown of cycle completion.”
Marcus Turner
Marcus T. Turner Allstate Agency

“I liked Simon’s energy and the ideas he shared about understanding and being inspired vs. motivation.”
Rebecca Brown Schulter
UCL Financial

“I liked learning about building upon a consistent flow pattern to help my understanding, even after 30+ years in the business.”
Gene Hinders
Mass Mutual

“Simon has a compelling message, and I liked the simplicity of the ideas he presented in helping me understand my purpose.”
Randy Austin
Strategic Financial Partners