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NAIFA Iowa Leadership Rally – The Inspirational Tipping Point – Speaking Testimonials – July 22, 2016

“I liked the one-on-one engagement question session, hearing about how to get rid of my ‘backseat driver’ and the flexibility of Simon’s workshops. I learned tools to help me strategize a membership plan.”
Greg Johnson
Johnson Insurance

“Simon’s fact finder is transferable to NAIFA enrollment and client discovery. It’s a great way to discover what is important to others! I gained a deeper awareness of my values, beliefs and feelings.”
Steve Dewer
Financial Decisions Group

“Thank you for giving me a clear explanation of the difference between motivation and inspiration.”
Barry Delp
Ozark National Life

“I learned the connection on what drives us to be successful and how that connects to passion, and also how we allow our ‘backseat driver’ to judge what we do and think.”
Brent Hinerichsen

“The value, feelings and belief system analysis was a useful process for me to help narrow my focus.”
Clint Hinderaker
Principal Financial Group

“The piece about motivation vs. inspiration is a very impactful concept. I also enjoyed learning about the decision making process and how my brain processes thoughts. Thank you Simon.”
Dane Johnston
Johnston Financial Services, LLC

“I appreciated Simon’s high energy presentation, which is designed to find out why others should join by finding their issues and delivering NAIFA solutions. The questions to ask potential members can also be used with clients.”
Neil Wilkinson
Financial Decisions Group

“I appreciated learning about our ‘back seat driver.’”
Rick Frank
Frank Financial Group

“The role play of the fact finder is a great way to see the practical application. I have a better understanding of the value that the testimonials from our existing member NAIFA experiences can provide.”
Eric Kaestner
Strellnar Agency Group

“I enjoyed learning how to identify our values and beliefs and how they relate to our story, in how we overcome a challenge in our lives. I learned about connecting the process with marketing NAIFA and realized how we can identify objections and solve advisors’ problems.”
Linda A. Johnson-Lundquist
IEA Wealth Management, LLC

“Great ‘track to run on’ to have discussion of potential NAIFA members. I appreciated the ideas about running our own business and the value, belief, and feelings discussion.”
Gabe Bowers
Bowers Digmann Financial

“Thank you for the refresher on the value of NAIFA. I especially liked learning about the roadblocks to my personal practice.”
Blake Bishop
Financial Decisions Group

“I liked learning the difference between a human being vs. a human doing and the simple truth to live by: be authentic.”
Kerry Schepers

“I liked the discovery interview for membership and also reviewing the connection between values, feelings and beliefs.”
Dave Beaty
Heartland Financial

“Simon’s presentation allowed for self-reflection on the value being given, value being received and the value being perceived by members and prospective members of NAIFA and more importantly, our local chapter.”
Jeff Ulferts
Principal Financial

“Simon’s ability to draw out the information from our members – i.e. what they didn’t know they knew – provided another Aha! Moment. I personally enjoyed learning about the roadblock that’s coming and getting ready to circumvent it.”
Barry Johnson

“I liked the group interaction and the break-out session, as well as the thoughts, feelings, an beliefs exercise.”
Vince Welsh
Strellner Agency Group

“I enjoyed digging deep into my values, beliefs and feelings, then tying that all together with my goals and affirmations, as well as learning ways to connect all the dots, for example personal and business life and what REALLY drives me.”
Brandon Kvehl
Principal Insurance

“Simon’s presentation made me realize my need for a new “operating system” as I realized I was not practicing the value proposition but instead was selling the membership.”
Jeff Kaiden
Principal Insurance

“I liked learning about our core beliefs and values as well as being vs. doing. It was a nice update on my ‘core inner values’.”
Tammy Kerrigan
Risk Reduction Solutions

“I appreciated the values, feelings, beliefs and goal/affirmation exercises, and how Simon integrated them all through the exercises.”
Bret Trasamar
Eagle Strategies, LLC/New York Life

“The fact-finder was very thought-provoking. I never expected to be so introspective on my own challenges and roadblocks.”
Marty Berger
Berger Benefits

“I appreciated Simon’s enthusiasm and his willingness to help NAIFA become relevant again, as well as learning about the roadblocks to my practice.”
Tim Kraayenbrink
Kraayenbrink Financial