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NAIFA Indiana Annual State Conference and Membership Workshop – 
The Inspirational Tipping Point – Speaking Testimonials – June 6 -7, 2017

Simon brought back the basics of the sales process and provided the tools to help us grow NAIFA. You did a great job!“

Rudy Mahara II
Mahara Wealth Partners

“Getting focused by working from the inside out. I had a great ‘aha’ moment, realizing the difference between motivation vs. inspiration”

Jeffrey Bauermeister
Bauermeister Consulting

“Clear differentiation of motivation / inspiration and a great review of the 6 areas of values by successful advisors”
Beth P Beasley
Peckinpaugh & Beasley 

“The connection between the values I hold to be important and how they impact my prospects, clients and business relationships. A greater understanding of how my internal fear/objections impact my referral and prospecting opportunities”

Jonathan R Dierlam
Rick Watkins Financial Services, LLC

“Simon gave us a great step by step process to identifying my feelings, beliefs and goals. The ability to realize the difference between motivation and inspiration…..understanding that 90% is about WHY”

Maureen Bobilya
New York Life Insurance Company

“The distinction of the front seat and back seat driver! I appreciate the member fact finder, makes real sense”
Jan Nielsen
Jan Nielsen Agency

“Simon offered straight forward and practical ideas that can be and should be implemented for success. I’ve developed a great affirmation that with a little effort on my part, I can grow my business”

Dennis Fech

Advocate Financial

“Self realization of false fears and great information about my own self awareness”

Rick Koberstein
Shelter Insurance