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NAIFA Illinois Annual State Conference and Membership Workshop – The Inspirational Tipping Point – Speaking Testimonials – June 22-23, 2017

“Opening my mind to thinking about the ways to rid myself of negative self talk affecting my business. Simon’s presentation offers so many strategies that both play a role in my business and with NAIFA” 

Jesse Barge
Northwestern Mutual

“Simon offered great information on how to help overcome the hurdles created by the amygdala which is negativity thinking and how this affects confidence”
Bob Burd
Country Financial

“Great explanation of the difference between motivation and inspiration. And a great experience of a one on one conversation as a ‘Membership Advocate’”

Chris Martin

State Farm Insurance

“Simon allowed us to dig deep into what makes us do the things we do. Very values based approach. Material I can use for both my personal life and my business”

Dennis Dean

Strategic Financial Group

“Interweaving the information between our own businesses and NAIFA Membership”

Louis J Bufano
Lou Bufano & Associates

“I enjoyed learning about the emotional side of starting with WHY……….WHY someone should join NAIFA and how to apply this to the Membership conversation”

Ashley Reeder
Country Financial

Value based recommendations instead of focusing on processes. Simon gives me confidence in the work that I do, that we do”
Dennis M Dean
Strategic Financial Group

“A very interesting way to look at what we deal with every day. Great fit with the LILI work that we did in my class”
R. Allan Hamilton
Farmers Insurance

“A great cross over of information that applies to both NAIFA Membership as well as my business”
Vicki Bishop
Country Financial

“Talking about delegation and what drives our inability to properly manage our time” 

Chris Clepp
Strategic Financial Group

“Simon offers a clear strategy for success and the importance of the ability to focus on what’s important”
Rodrigo Menendez
State Farm Insurance