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NAIFA Florida Annual State Conference and Membership Workshop – 
The Inspirational Tipping Point – Speaking Testimonials – June 15-16, 2017

“Excellent on how to strengthen my workings to do a better job in recruiting new NAIFA members that are transparent to my business as well”
Gary Haft
JMH Advisors Inc.

“Great insight on the benefits of focusing on how your feelings can impact or hijack your day and your business success”
Bryan Blackwell
Ameriprise Financial

“Interesting parallel of growing NAIFA and growing my own business”
Shelita Stuart
Walden Insurance Networking
“The energy and passion displayed”
David Russell
Rogers Benefit Group

“Great amount of writing and level of participation with our group”
Darian Ward
Ward Insurance & Financial Services
“You made this statement that rang true to me……….’there is nothing wrong, there is only an absence of understanding” 
Kelli Keith
Central Florida Insurance Advisors

“Simon’s questionnaire and script to help recruit members is excellent!”
Osa Winter
Florida School of Insurance

“I loved Simon’s personal story about his family and the authenticity of your successes and failures. The importance of the ‘be’ over the ‘do in life and business”
Celine Pastore
Simple Path Retirement

“Thought provoking”
Joseph Chalom
Retirement Council, Inc

“He provided me with the possible solutions to problems I did not could be overcome”
Robert Decker
Maggi Investments and Services, LLC

“Asked and answered several questions I need to answer for myself, and offered great planning ideas”
Randy Ziemann
Ziemann Financial Communications

“Enjoyed working through the sales system to benefit NAIFA”
Connie Mosley

“Holistic business ideas to implement”
Laurie MacDonald

MacDonald Consultants

“The exercises completed and the simplicity behind them. It was great to work through personal roadblocks and using positive affirmations to do it. I just have to ‘follow the process’”
Chris Wilson
New York Life