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“I enjoyed the thought process and inspiration that we need to have in being successful in this business, and the offer of an assessment.”

Hubert McIntosh
McIntosh Insurance Agency Co.

“Simon helped me think about why I often feel negative. He gave me the desire to understand myself and the desire to change.”

Clarke Morris
Clarke Morris Insurance

“Simon helped me to focus on our mission and values. He refreshed my purpose and introspection.”

Frank Mantay
Mantay and Company

“Simon gave details on how to change my thinking. I understand why I am constantly feeling overwhelmed and how it can be fixed. It is not necessary to live like this!”

Dennis Williams
Williams Suncoast Insurers, LLC

“Love it! I do the One Page Business Plan with all of my advisors. I didn’t expect to receive the white papers.”

Becky Brothers
Principal Financial Group

“I received valuable action plans that I can implement today, and Simon gave us the client questions.”

Joe Chalom
Retirement Council, Inc.

“Simon gave an analytical approach to marketing. Everything he talked about can help my practice.”

Roger Campbell
Alliance Financial Group

“Simon gave great insight into what drives our practice. He gave me many ideas and the realization that I need to design a real plan.”

Kelli Keith
Central Florida Insurance Advisors

“Simon gave a great analogy and explanation to help me understand the difference between ‘being’ and ‘doing,’ and talked about not letting the back seat driver run your business and decisions. He gave us 2 great questions to ask your ideal clients, and told us how to create an affirmation.”

Celine J. Pastore
Simple Path Retirement

“Simon gave usable and practical information, and I liked his knowledge of NAIFA. He gave access to his notes via email.”

Margie Harner
State Farm

“I liked Simon’s thoughts on inspiration being values-based, and motivation being needs-based.”

Chris Brown

“Simon talked about things that make up or are part of inspiration versus motivation, and the perspective of being the buy in the back seat.”

Tracy Allen
State Farm

“Simon gave a blunt but gentle admonition of reliance on the backseat driver and the feeling of lack of worthiness. He had the idea of needing propulsion to get a rocket off the ground, cruising around off gravitational pull, and the idea of keeping going by adding more propulsion.”

Benjamin Seyler
Principal Financial Group

“Simon’s passion is clear, and so was the concept of understanding who’s driving the car – and why?”

Bill Bram
The Assurance Group

I enjoyed the energy Simon brought to the presentation, the idea of upgrading your personal operating system, and the psychological information on motivation versus inspiration.”

Ted Nation
Waddell & Reed