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NAIFA Columbus “A Day with MDRT” – The Inspirational Tipping Point and The One Page Business Plan – Speaking Testimonials – October 17, 2016

“Simon’s presentation was insightful, informative and entertaining. It really struck a chord with the time management piece, and I was grateful to learn about scheduling free time, buffer time and focus time.”
Joe Hickey
Joe Hickey State Farm

“I enjoyed learning about time management and putting my plan in writing. Simon touched on some excellent points that are in direct correlation to my new agency.”
Levi Gregory
State Farm

“It was interesting to learn how our brains work, and how it blocks us from what we need to do. I also enjoyed learning about motivation vs. inspiration = wow!”
Nicholas Curtis
Northwestern Mutual

“Learning about how vs. why is a great concept, and I also learned that it’s important to put more emphasis on being and less emphasis on doing as I am preparing my plan. Simon taught me how important it is to empty my mind to allow myself time to understand what I need to do.”
Kelly Brion
State Farm

“Simon’s presentation was a good reminder about time management and delegation, and I especially enjoyed his concept of motivation vs. inspiration.”
Jennifer Ruble
Northwestern Mutual

“I didn’t expect to come away with a script about overcoming the commission/fee disclosure discussion during the annual review. I also enjoyed Simon’s discussion of motivation vs. inspiration.”
Keisha Smith
Sergakis Insurance/Nationwide

“Simon is very high energy and provides excellent information. Now I feel excellent motivation to start planning early for next year.”
Rebecca Stewart
Smith & Leavitt Insurance Services

“I really related to Simon’s thoughts and processes to what we do in business, and will apply these to run my business better with my staff on a daily basis.”
Caleb Douce

“I liked Simon’s emphasis on systems including updating our operating system, and I was happy to learn how to engage my clients in a conversation about upcoming changes.”
Ryan Weiser
State Farm

“The visuals that Simon used during the presentation kept everyone engaged in Simon’s talk, and strengthened the concepts he was presenting. I learned that motivation is unattainable of it comes from a place of fear, and that I don’t have a time management problem I have an “overwhelm problem.”
Mindy Covington
Team Mindy, State Farm

“I liked learning about the importance of a business plan and the Amygdala and how it relates to my business philosophy.”
Doug Marmie
State Farm Insurance

“I liked the concept of emptying my mind and being able to deal with items in a logical manner. I didn’t expect to gain insight on how to move past roadblocks.”
Chad Fields
State Farm

“I enjoyed the recognition of the “overwhelmed” mentality and how to download it, to focus on what is important. I enjoyed learning the rationalization to delegate to others that allow you to execute on the values and visions you have.”
Anthony Jordan
State Farm

“Thank you for the reminder about the importance of staying organized and having a plan. It was a good reinforcement of the process one needs to be successful.”
Douglas Fitzpatrick
New York Life

“I liked learning about the incorporation of neurology and the hierarchy of needs. It was nice to gain perspective on how to deal with self deprecation.”
Josh Wells
XX1 Financial

“Simon taught me the difference between motivation and inspiration, and I especially enjoyed learning about time management skills with the free/buffer/focus concept.”
Shawna Stump
State Farm Insurance Agent

“As a new agent, Simon’s presentation made me consider more business planning time, and I am motivated to create “business” time to improve.”
Nathan Baker
Nathan Baker State Farm

“Simon’s presentation spoke to me personally and where I’m living in my agency. I need to get to the right side from the left side.”
Randy Wagner
State Farm

“I liked the simplicity of Simon’s conversation and he has given me a thought process for developing and one page business plan.”
Rick Jung
State Farm

“Simon taught me about blocking time for professional growth, and to develop a plan to help my team perform better.”
Herbie Strange
State Farm

“Loved the concepts of free time, buffer time, focus time and three improvements/three road blocks. There were some really good concepts for a team retreat as well.”
Letitia Falkerson
State Farm

“Simon’s presentation keeps it simple and in our real language, and I especially liked learning that many times, it’s not our personal knowledge growth, but our team as well that contributes to our success.
Amatha Farrens
State Farm

“Simon reinforced my practice of including a buffer day for my team, and I particularly enjoyed learning about us humans doing vs. being, as well as the amygdala and limbic references.”
Robin Foster
Robin Foster State Farm

“I enjoyed learning about the importance of a business management/time management system and the importance of hiring people that I can delegate work to. I will set up my 2017 plan as a result of Simon’s presentation.”
Eric Snider
State Farm

“I liked Simon’s energy and the idea of having time to gather/release thoughts, as well as the value of having a written, well developed plan.”
Eric Biggs
State Farm