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The Inspirational Tipping Point Speaking Testimonials from NAIFA West Virginia State Convention May 16, 2014

The ideas presented in the One Page Business Plan give me a much better road map for my business. I liked the explanation about how unmet needs can override values and how important it is to understand our unmet needs.
Terry Mathias
Capital Financial Solutions LLC

Simon gave me knowledge about me – my limitations and information about vision/mission statements “thoughts are real forces”. Information about “understanding” – “The problem is not the problem…What we believe to be true may not be true.”
Brenda D. Doty
The Doty Group, Inc.

It was thought provoking and well prepared.”
John W. Wheeler Jr.
Water Tower Financial Partners LLC

We enjoyed having Simon with us …. he really did a phenomenal job and was very well received by those in attendance …. the ideas and strategies he shared were easily applicable to everyone in attendance… even us “old” guys .. Thanks again for everything !!
John E. Pauley
New York Life

Great content throughout the presentation!
Dale Goff
Ameriprise Financial

I learned that it’s the Inspiration piece that’s the basis for all and to more effectively delegate so we are not spending equal time with all different needs clients. Simon focused on the “why” and showed us a more proper and effective way to seek referrals.
Faye G. Zinn
State Farm

It was very well done. I am a new advisor and I believe this will help me avoid some mistakes others make. It showed me how important developing a 5 year plan is and why. I don’t think I have ever considered the difference between Inspiration and Motivation and how they can hinder or help my business. Thank you!
Justin Heindl
Poca Valley Financial

I liked the importance of inspirational factors and not motivational factors. Developing a values driven business/life plan. How to clear the clutter and get to work. Simon has good ideas on developing business plan and getting referrals and introductions.”
Jeffrey VanGilder
New York Life

I didn’t realize it would be so personal. I liked the way Simon presented it.
R.L.Martin II
Martin Financial and Insurance LLC

Simon affirmed client segmentation and the need to delegate to focus on allowing time for efficient & exhaustive preparation. I liked his goal identification and clarity, the 1-3 & 2-4 week segmentation and his tips for preparing for the affluent client.
Ray Prendergast
Luttner Financial Group Ltd.

I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. Simon was a wonderful & informative speaker. He had great ideas on the roadblocks that keep most sales people from becoming more successful. I didn’t expect to learn understanding unmet needs, the formula of 10% how & what and 90% why & why not. That thoughts are a real force that affects our business. Our fears affect it as well.
Amber Pierson
New York Life