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The Inspirational Tipping Point Speaking Testimonials from NAIFA Mt Diablo Sales Summit, San Ramon, CA, June 20, 2014

“I’m interested to pursue your services. I liked the hitting the hot button in your presentation.”
Tim Bellig
Trumark Insurance & Financial Services

“I liked the internal review, the inspiration vs motivation. I have the desire to take action.”
Graham Wright
Thrivent Financial

“Enjoyed Simon’s personality assessment and that values are the why.”
Fochson Fung
Gateway Financial Advisor

“This is exactly what I am working on at the moment. I am struggling to get my “why” & values on paper.  I didn’t expect for you to speak about the things I believe in.”
Miguel Delgado
David White & Associates

“The motivation vs Inspiration opened my mind. I like your call to action.”
Chris Bor
Kansas City Life

“Simon confirmed for that the focus on values is the driving force of action.”
Carlos Gutierrez
Knights of Columbus

It addressed my need for approval and fear block running me, instead of me running me! I enjoyed the values info and the chart of the values.”
Robert Jacobs
Mass Mutual

Simon referenced facts, situation and points I could relate to. It brought me more clarity in creating & following a business plan. I realized there are ‘holes’ in my business planning process.”
Manuel “Manny” Soliz, Jr.
Thrivent Financial

It was very informative and had more depth and complexity than I expected. I would like to know more.”
Michael J. Dougherty
Knights of Columbus

I like the connection to our emotions, values, beliefs and the impact on our actions. It was a very different presentation than I thought – Motivation vs Inspiration Thank you!
Tassi Espos
State Farm Insurance

I learned that understanding the underlying fundamentals need to be addressed before you can become more focused.”
Jess Glidewell
Principal Financial Group

The difference between motivation and inspiration was definitely an eye opener for me. I was not expecting myself to be the result of my difficulties in this business.
Stephen Zhou
Mass Mutual

I couldn’t take notes fast enough even though this is the second time in a month that I’ve seen Simon speak. Love the team review idea and Simon’s passion for our industry!
Tonya Mathison
Principal Financial Group

I learned that I need to get away from the ‘stuff’, keep to simple time management and the how vs they why.
Richard Carpenter

I liked the idea that I can take my firm to a higher level. Many of Simon’s examples hit home.”
Stephen Hardisty
Hardisty Financial & Insurance Services

Wonderful review and reminder to revisit my business plan. Great reminders overall for all of my business. I realized that I am a bit stuck with office operations. I will fix that!
Jennifer Kwock-Lau
Ameriprise Financial