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The Inspirational Tipping Point and The One Page Business Plan from NAIFA Montana State Convention, April 23, 2014

You are a great speaker – very dynamic. The topic was great. The exercises are extremely valuable, you have a lot of material to think through and process, great take a way materials.
Ron Hayes
New York Life

I really enjoyed the discussion of things that block or create anxiety for business and my family. Very timely! I received pragmatic steps to help organize and communicate the direction of Sullivan Financial Group.”
Dan Sullivan
Sullivan Financial Group

I discovered I am in the way of my own progress and success. I can totally connect with the information about values and inspiration being overrun by motivation. It was an interesting sort of analysis into my mind, methods, shortfalls and successes. Most of it rang very true to me and caused serious reflections.”
Michael Smith
American National Insurance

“I have concrete steps to take to “Empty My Mind” to be even more productive by being able to be fully present with clients and myself. I liked your energy and focus on what really matters and makes a difference to help us be successful.”
Mary McShane
Dayspring Restoration

Simon provided me with the opportunity to discover what helped me get through a challenging time. I received confirmation that the way to improve my performance is to deal with the “issues” that cause the poor performance.
Steven M. Daniel
Woodbury Financial Services, Inc

We live in a very complicated business world that can be simplified & clarified by implementing Simon’s strategy. I thought this was an ethics course so everything I received was a wonderful surprise.”
Pam Hansen Alfred
State Farm

Simon was very energetic. There was a lot of info to get my arms around. My amygdala was full.”
Jerry Pierce
Farmers Insurance

You can make me more attractive. I like the idea of the One Page Business Plan. I know understanding your value system is crucial to one’s success. I did not expect your presentation to be about this topic.”
Kimberly Cummins
Farmers Insurance

I liked everything about your presentation – thank you! I did not know what to expect, this is what I needed.”
Kari Schalin

It was right to the core of the issue and had incredible substance! It was not just another convention. ”
Michael D. Huekhang
Cost Control Insurance Prosperity LLC

I identified that I CAN overcome my current challenge. I liked all of it!
Jaime Valentini
Benefits Solutions

Motivation vs Inspiration = eye opener! Very good!
David Jensen
David Jensen State Farm

I liked seeing the flesh put to the skeleton of your PowerPoint. Feeling inspired – thank you! I didn’t expect that your presentation would touch on points that I am instinctively drawn to. Growth and development.”
Kathryn Burton
Bern & Pugh, Inc.

I liked the motivations vs Inspiration and finding values. I’m finding areas that are creating some fear of failure and they need to be taken care of first.”
Amber Lamping
State Farm

I discovered how to have a good short term and long term plan that I will implement. I learned that I can redo and rethink my business plan and include the steps you outlined.”
Arthur W. Diokhoff

I liked the focus on the A and B clients, not to try to please everyone and that I can (and need to) delegate.”
Jim Dole
Delta Dental

I liked that you not only recognize but emphasize the importance of values and the practical exercise.”
Bubba Alsup
Payne West Insurance

Simon clarified the importance of Inspiration vs Motivation. He focused on values combined with pragmatic management suggestions.
Bruce Graving
Thrivent Financial

It really hit home with me – where I am at right now – I absolutely needed this self evaluation of needs and values. The feelings I am experiencing can be resolved!
Connie Mathews
Mountain West Farm Bureau

I didn’t expect the case situations, the idea of revisiting an old tough account, what I think of myself and what my clients think of me. I liked the Inspiration vs Motivation, time management issues and giving up some control in my office.
Bryan Porch
Montana Central Ins. Agency

I found out more about myself and that planning for me is the best thing I can do. I was surprised by the verbiage and help to make me successful.”
James S. Connole
Connole Agency

I discovered new strategies (phrases) to use in the interview process. I liked the hints and tips to greater success and organization tips.”
Roger Gravgaard
Legal Shield

It was a wonderful deep dive into growing me and my biz. I received much much more than just an ethics presentation.”
Mark Finnicum
Wells Fargo Advisor

I liked getting out of the negative thoughts to focus on values.
Steve Simonson
NY Life

It hit hard where I’m at in terms of evaluating my emotional needs. The unmet needs really drive my actions. Simon’s presentation is spot on! I received the validation that I have to understand the triggers, make changes and that there are skills to learn to do so! Thank you! It was a powerful presentation. The depth in which Simon covered approval needs can color so much of what drives us instead of being comfortable in our own skins.” Thanks!
Victoria R. Dee
Jacobs & Dee Insurance LLC

As a newer advisor and aspiring State Farm agent a business plan is needed to become and approved candidate. Thank you for setting up the questions to start this process. Your energy and passion shines through your presentation that then ignites us – the advisor.”
Jamie L. Adams
State Farm

I liked discovering the “why” I do (and not do) things I do and don’t do.”
Ashley Corbally

Simon’s presentation reminded me of what motivates me. I liked the self-assessment and the One Page Business Plan.”
Trina Knoche
Farmers Ins Group

I discovered business broken down into workable units and the way to make my business plan.
Jim Morren
Farmers Insurance