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The Inspirational Tipping Point from NIME 2015 Annual Conference, Orlando, FL, May 5, 2015

“I have a better understanding of the difference between motivation and inspiration, and the difference between the conscious decisions creating inspiration versus the controlling aspect of the amygdala.”

Patrick Kenney
Assurity Life Insurance Company

“I liked the color-coded calendar for time management and the concept of the amygdala. I also realize I need a business coach.”

Becky Cummings
Lafayette Life Insurance Co.

“It is always a refreshing reality to hear Simon’s presentation.”

Peter Konrad
Integrated Financial Concepts, Inc.

“I enjoyed the business planning and the different between motivation and inspiration.”

Doug Murphy
Baltimore Life

“The content of Simon’s presentation was fantastic. We received the white papers and organizational tips which I didn’t expect.”

Darin Lucas
First Annuity & Ins. Marketing

“I enjoyed Simon’s energy, unique approach and good illustrations. It was a different approach to a common problem we all face, with very unique visuals that were entertaining but communicated well.”

Byrne M. Owens
VanWagenen Financial Services

“I don’t recall going into the Needs versus Values section that deep the first time I saw Simon’s presentation. I’m looking forward to going through the Roadblocks Scorecard in detail.”

Garrett Konrad
Integrated Financial Concepts, Inc.

“Simon provided a different set of eyes to look at my practice and my life, and discussed the importance of freeing up space by getting away from C & D clients.”

Mickey Batsell
Individual Commercial Brokerage

The presentation was simple with a straight forward fact about understanding ourselves so we can be extraordinary. It was great subject matter and delivered with humor. It ties in with other speakers and things we are addressing our own business. I am getting answers already.”

Elaine Kavanagh
Academic Financial Services

“My favorite part of the presentation was when Simon talked about how negativity exists and gave an explanation of how it is such a deterrent to growth. I didn’t expect the incorporation of faith-based application. Significant inspiration is derived from religious affirmation and this is never emphasized.”

David Burke
InsPort Resources