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Testimonials from HUB Victoria – Victoria, BC – October 27, 2010

“I enjoyed the score card exercise and the written vision reminder. One speaks to where I am and the other speaks to where I need to be going.”
Michael Crowe
Advantage Benefits Plus Inc. / Provident Firefighter Benefit Services

“I learned about myself. I enjoyed writing down what I did well today.”
John Mullane
“I am aware of the concept of unmet needs and I understand my roadblocks in order to remove them. Finally an answer to how to market my services to high net worth clients.”
Brian Lepilg
Queensburg Securities Inc.

“Passionate delivery of information that woke me up to the fact that I’m not reaching my potential. I have been reacting from a position of my needs not being met. Authentic, straight-talk and lively presentation, definitely something I’ll remember. ”
Stephanie Ritchie
Advantage Benefits Plus Inc.
“I enjoyed the concept of unmet needs. I didn’t expect a book.”
Ivan Vazquez
First Insurance Agencies

“I enjoyed the information presented and the energy with which it was presented. I expected it to be great and I wasn’t disappointed.”
Stan Wood
“Better than Tony Robins. What enthusiasm, I can’t wait to read the book. I didn’t expect the presentation to bring self-awareness.”
Tom Radford
LLB Insurance
“Made me think about where I’m at in this business after 33 years. I expected another boring speaker- ha ha not!”
Jim Duquette
Duquette Financial Services
“I enjoy Simon’s simple vision and enthusiasm of how easy it is to change. The best part was the ease of the presentation and the book!”
Mike Espey

First Insurance Agencies Ltd.

“Clarity of purpose and Simon’s matured passion. Thank you Simon and Laura for the significant investment in me and my business.”
Paul Elderfield
Wintercreek Insurance