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GGAHU, SAHU, SVAHU 2nd Annual Medicare Summit – The Inspirational Tipping Point – Speaking Testimonials – August 4, 2016

“I learned the difference between inspiration and motivation, how to organize and manage time, and how important giving thanks is.”
Pat Hennessy
Beere & Purves

“I really liked how Simon’s information could be tied into other plan methods. Learning about tying in the law of attraction was a new thought.”
Michael Traynor
Claremont Business Group

“I enjoyed all of Simon’s presentation, especially learning about the difference between inspiration and motivation, and specifically how I can ‘get there.’”
Nancy Aita
Aita & Associates Insurance Marketing Inc.

“Simon reinforced the power of positive thinking.”
John Geohegan

“Simon’s presentation was topical, and I especially liked learning about “cutting the pie.’ Because of this presentation, I have a plan for the next 30 days.”
Tennessee Harris
Harman Bradford

“I learned how to deal with my back seat driver’. I was also surprised to learn about the hidden messages I was sending out.”
Linda Rose Koehler
Herzog Insurance Agency

“Simon’s presentation was very interesting and very in-depth.”
Laura Lawrence

“I appreciated Simon’s explanation of inspiration and the focus on ethics and lifestyle.”
Julian Monsarrat
GF Capital Insurance

“I enjoyed learning about vision, mission and making it happen, as well as assessing and understanding ourselves on a deeper level. The one page business plan was an unexpected bonus.”
Gayle Mitchell
Life Planning Insurance (independent Agent)

“I liked Simon’s contrasting motivation to inspiration, and the offer of the free Balance Plan Reward.”
David Brabender
Alman Insurance Services

“Simon’s explanation of time management and the excel spreadsheet idea for working with my team was very useful for me. He also showed me that there are key questions I need to ask myself about the type of employees I attract.”
Colleen Callahan
Colleen Callahan Insurance

“Simon’s speech was inspiring. I loved the attention to attaining the highest, more elevated self, as well as the difference between motivation and inspiration.”
Caitlin Riehl
Ignacio Health Insurance Services

“I liked Simon’s focus on the one-page business plan and actionable steps, and especially enjoyed learning about the difference between motivation founded in fear and inspiration.”
Cheryl Lombardi
Lombardi Insurance Solutions

“Simon helped me identify what I am not doing and what I need to change, and I learned the reason why, and possibly how to make a plan for change.”
Brian Sullivan
Filipe Insurance

“I’m versed in limbic processing and “understanding the emotion behind the behavior.” I didn’t expect a business application. Thank you!
Jeff Bader
Filice Insurance

“I especially enjoyed Simon’s review of Maslow’s hierarchy and how it connects with success, as well as the explanation of results of what you are and attracting what you get.”
Ron Wipfler

“I enjoyed Simon’s practical and inspirational presentation and he helped me to understand what success is. I was surprised to learns about spiritual laws of attraction and how what you focus on manifests.”
Tom Tison
Tom Tison & Associates

“Great information and sample situations. It was good to learn tools to fix finance issues.”
Patricia Errico

“Simon has a great sense of humour and speaking style, and I especially enjoyed the values aspect as it applies to business. After years of hearing about “personality testing,” it was great to hear about “values testing.”
Kelley Sastokas
Yerba Buena Financial Partners

“I liked learning about action plan statements and developing a business plan, as well as the difference between inspiration and motivation.”
Adele Greenberg
Gail Mirchatani Insurance

“I liked the inspiration vs. motivation lesson. Too often I find myself working from the motivational side, and now I have some tools/food for thought to shift to an inspirational approach. The lesson about one-page business plans was a surprise to me, and will prove to be very helpful in our budding department. Thank you!
Michael Pyeatt
Armstrong and Associates

“Simon gave an eye opening presentation, which made me think about my current situation and changes that I need to make. I realized that internal changes need to be made inside our organization to make us more efficient.”
Shane Myers
Armstrong & Associates

“I liked Simon’s phone operating system analogy, and “seeing is believing” as it relates to positive thoughts. I learned that I need to put down the phone and not let others run my time.”
Aaron E. Lieberfarb
Van Berg & Associates Insurance Marketing Inc.