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FPA Annual Spokane Workshop Speaking Testimonials from The Inspirational Tipping Point October 16, 2015

“You really seemed to know how my specific business operates. You got to the heart of the matter. The presentation was thought-provoking and inspirational.”

Liz Ostwald
Ameriprise Financial

 “I liked Simon’s definition of Values, Motivation and Inspiration. I am inspired – not just motivated! I understand not just the how, but the Why.”

David Van Belle
US Bank

“I understand the difference between motivation and inspiration. The hand-drawn illustrations added a personal touch, which is a refreshing change from PowerPoint photos.”

Celeste Eversole
US Bank

“I enjoyed the focus on unmet needs versus values. It was something to think about. It’s important to write down your goals/vision for the upcoming year. I like how Simon shared his personal background/experience and his story on how unmet needs impacted him. It made me think about some of the questions we fail to ask clients to better understand and serve them.”

Marti Bott
Ameriprise Financial

 “The presentation was very inspirational and pulled my focus away from needs to values. I have new focus.”

Mark Vene
MarkOne Financial Planning

“It was a simple, easy-to-understand, and yet a profound subject. I have a new vision.”

Gerardo Leyton
PNW Insurance Exchange, LLC

“Simon’s presentation fits with what we are doing right now with our business. A great presentation with values and inspiration”

Eric Christiansen
Quantum Financial Planning