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Testimonials from Sun Life Sales Congress – Winnipeg, MB – June 24, 2010

“Thank you for the great presentation at our Winnipeg Sales Congress last Thursday!                          

We certainly appreciated your background of coaching in the industry – right away, it gave credibility to your presentation. Your enthusiasm was great & you did an excellent job of reaffirming much of what we work through with advisors… it is valuable for them to hear it from an ‘outside source’.

Great concepts! You were able to create excitement in the room but also provide some great tips for implementing the ideas as well.

Our advisors took a lot of notes & found a lot of value in the material you presented. You did a phenomenal job of relating your experience to our rookies as well as our seasoned advisors.

I’m  wondering if we might be able to access a few of the slides you had in your  presentation as I am  looking to use these points in future coaching & training sessions;  ‘Unmet Needs’, ‘Asking for Referrals’,  ‘Get your needs met’ , ‘Why is vision important’ and  ‘To understand the issues’ .

Thank you very much.”
Kristy J. Lee
Sun Life Financial Sales Manager

“A motivational delivery of a very common sense subject and solution. I received tangible solutions such as mentorship.”
Suzanne Spencer

“Simon reinforced positive thinking and the take action attitude towards achieving your goals. I enjoyed the reminder to write down goals and reflect on positive values and results.”
Douglas Stroud

“A passionate message to take the time to revisit our values and to build our plans on our values versus the outside demands and pressures. The presentation made me revisit my vision and plans.”
Brain Kilback

“I had a full reflection: unmet needs drive our values and behaviours until they are addressed. Good advice on keeping a journal.”
Terry Brownell

“I like the way Simon speaks; concentrating on the positive and trying to understand the inner you.”
Raelene Ostash

“Very informative, lots of great ideas and thoughts. Great new ways to goal plan and ways to help yourself help your business.”
Barry Karlenzig

“Excellent energy and business planning ideas. I didn’t expect to learn short term planning and the difference between values and needs.”
Jeff Wood

“Lots of great ideas. I was made aware of business short comings. The presentation caused me to take a more intense internal look at how I do business.”
Bob Janzen

“You cut through all the fluff to get at the foundational issues – values.”
Trevor J. Cherry

“High energy, down to earth, great reminder of reality. Uplifting reminder that everyone can stumble, it’s how you proceed from that point on that will determine your success.”
Michelle Butler

“Phenomenal energy and content. A clear understanding of the hurdles, things I should and could do better. The presentation was not complicated and provided basic truths and values.”
Leonard Enns

“Very thought provoking material. Good ideas about eliminating road blocks.”
Bob Summers