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Testimonials from BFG Financial – Toronto, ON – July 22, 2010

“The presentation was an eye opener for sales people like me. I didn’t expect to receive so many ways to enhance my sales production.”
Ramon Nino
Winver Financial

“Reminder of what works and what doesn’t. The presentation inspired me to examine what I need to do to get to the next level. I have the inspiration to do better. I have gained practical ideas I can use right away.”

Lee Vardy
Dan Lawrie Insurance Brokers Ltd.

“A hit home presentation to set goals and make a 90 day business plan now! I didn’t expect the energy that filled the room. I enjoyed the time management, delegation and learned a new method for getting referrals.”

Rick Kennedy
Richard A Kennedy Insurance Agency & Financial Services

“Very informative, the presentation kept me listening. Simon caused me to stop and take a good look at myself and my business.”
Wesley Hutchison

Chataway Hutchison
Chataway Hutchison Financial

“What energy. Finally theory and tactics together.”
Teresa Walkey
Manulife Financial

“Simon’s enthusiasm is much needed in this business as we all get down for the wrong reasons. His motivation tied in perfectly with our business, he offered a lot of excellent ideas; plan, plan, plan.”
Herb Fleury
Fleury Financial Inc.

“I was reminded of things I need to do in my business. Simon provides a track to run on. The presentation grabbed me by the shirt neck and woke me up.”
James Chestnut
Chestnut Financial

“Educational, inspired and enjoyed.”
Cyriel Delrue
Four Seasons Life Investments

“Reminded me to clear up the negatives out of my path, thoughts and life.”
Yvan Brazeau
Eclipse Financial

“Enjoyed the message of writing a journal of my achievements every day. I became aware of issues people have with worthiness and self worth, and my contribution and how important I am to people’s lives.”

Steve Steinman
Steinman Financial Network

“I am important. The presentation offered ideas to improve my time management. I enjoyed the referral card.”
Richard Kealey
Monster Insurance.ca

“Very different approach to personal development, less ‘technical’ and more ‘psychological.’ The clearest explanation of the ‘invisible’ road blocks hindering success.”
Allan Troster
Troster Financial Group

“The presentation made me into a ‘born again’ believer in myself. I have a redirection to value myself on a higher level, to reengage, to switch on my super conscious mind and do the things I had taken for granted. I have a new value system of self worth.”
Allan Tobin
Allan Tobin & Associates

“Energy of speaker, simplicity of concepts, practical take away ideas. I enjoyed the scripting of the elevator speech and parable. I didn’t expect the client engagement letter and the managing risk postcard.”
Luanne Brazeau
Eclipse Financial

“The Simon’s presentation was filled with energy and great ideas to take back to my practice. Great material on referrals and 90 day goals.”
Scott Chataway
Chataway Hutchison Financial

“Good speaker, simplified material into easy to implement steps. Subtle and direct reminders of the path I am on.”
Glenn Dool
Magnes Financial

“Great presenter. The information was relevant for me at this stage in my career. I didn’t expect to receive great ideas that are simple yet appropriate.”
John Gleeson
Gleeson Financial Group

“Really woke me up; The need to change as seen to improve my business. I learned how to change negative beliefs and the power of writing things down.”
Nishat Virani
NV Insurance

“The best part of the presentation was the referral process. I didn’t expect to receive the names of more books to read.”
Roy Gallo
Manulife Financial

“Practical, insightful and inspirational. I enjoyed Simon’s spirit, the presentation was very much appreciated.”
David Goodwin
BFG Ontario East

“Constructive business concepts delivered with a motivational and training punch! Simon offered transferable business practices ideas that i can and will use.”
Ron Dick
Ron R. Dick Financial Services Inc.

“Insightful presentation. Simon offered some excellent reminders about best practices.”
Peter Roch
Manulife Financial

“Simon delivered his message with passion. The content was detailed and thorough. I enjoyed the use of real life example. He delivered ideas and tools that I can implement in my business right away.”
Kevin Flintoff
Manulife Financial

“Simon linked unmet needs to receiving non-productive behaviours which are a barrier to business growth. The presentation offered practical practice management ideas and techniques. Enjoyed learning the process for asking for referrals.”
Greg Gies
Mid Park Financial Corporation

“I liked the values section of the presentation and how important it is to know our values and keep them in the forefront. I enjoyed Simon’s enthusiasm and energy. I also liked how he was helpful and didn’t try to sell himself over and over.”
Michelle Stedman
Kennedy & Stedman & Associates