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The Client Commitment Process Speaking Testimonials from NAIFA Washington State Annual Convention May 20, 2014

It reminds me of a course in the 70’s from Wilson Learning – good stuff! This is much more advanced. It makes me look at things that maybe I do to create an obstacle.”
John Rathbun
Ohio National

I liked the interrogatory vs consultative questions and learning the ‘timing’ of which questions to ask and when.”
Alan Zalewski
Group Services Northwest

It was a review of the DISC system as it relates to understanding the customer and key speaking points to be aware of to accommodate customer’s style. Simon talked about the Economics of Engagement – the reminder that although we’re moving to a transitional world, helping clients understand the impact to them on their personal business requires professionalism.”
Missie Hess
Allstate Financial Services

It had emphasis on consultative and understanding the client’s style. I’ve thought of times I obviously took the wrong track with a client. Simon showed me AHA moments about approaching clients by their style.”
Brian Campbell
Waddell & Reed Inc.

I liked that Simon talked about how to communicate more effectively with potential clients to turn them into clients.”
Jody Lentz
Mass Mutual

I was seeing how we orient our questioning and screw up – thank you! I gained a lot from this! Simon’s presentation caused me to slow down and consider whom I am working with – clients and prospects personalities.
Roger McDowell
Retirement Nationwide

I liked learning more about engaging the client to put them in the drivers seat and that Simon will share his PowerPoint so I wouldn’t have to take so many notes! That’s great!
Randy Kimm
Randy Kimm Insurance

Simon’s presentation taught me about the timing of questions and the difference between interrogating and consultant questions.”
Ralph Van Winkle
Van Winkle Agency Inc.

Simon presented interesting and new information“
Kay Crookshanks
Securities America Inc.

I liked your approach to working with clients in the financial world, the personal tactics for understanding emotions is rarely focused on. I found validation in the way I deal with (relate to) my clients is right!
Monica L. Ewing
Durney Insurance Inc.

I really enjoyed the wheel slides about the different ways to speak with types of clients. Very interesting! Thank you! I realized how interactions with clients can be improved based on the specific question asked. Great ideas on improving NAIFA membership.”
Amy Dalton
Rice Insurance LLC

I liked the opening questions – a focus on emotion vs logic and it’s the key to the vault. Thank you!
Dan Chappelle
Sound Financial Group

Simon is a very entertaining speaker! He has excellent qualifying questions and discovery process.”
McKinley Romero
Northwest Insurance Professionals

Simon had a style of presentation that kept us engaged.  I liked the beginning of understanding of the differences of clients.”
Rollo Van Slyke
Rollo Van Slyke Insurance Agency Inc.

It reviewed the values based selling and gave me the determination to improve myself and business.”
Caroline Manger
Caroline Manger Insurance Services Inc.

It was a fresh look at ‘push’ (interrogative) questioning versus ‘listen’ (consultative) questioning.”
Kenneth Beers
LDJ & Associates

I learned to first spend the time to “understand” myself, recognizing the need for asking the right questions makes ‘all’ the difference. It was a ‘new’ focus of ‘direction’ of interrogation vs consulting interview.
Kathy Z. Smithson
Smithson Insurance Services Inc.