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Clear Your Roadblocks Testimonials from Global Pacific Financial Services – Surrey, BC – October 2, 2012

The best part of the presentation was when Simon talked about making a mission statement, writing down objectives and measuring the growth of my business. It was a wake up call about my business and my life. Thank you.”
Kirpal S. Mann
Global Financial Services

I enjoyed your passion. You practice what you preach. You complement other reputable teachers of current courses I’m in. Very practical information, down to earth, doable with free notes, action plans, etc.”
Geral Dreyer
Braun & Associates

Simon talked about the energy we need to create for our business and helping clients. We received a sales strategy on how to remove the roadblocks.”
Sukhinder Gill
Global Pacific

The ground roots back to the basics of business planning. I received inspiration and honesty. I enjoyed the focus on unmet needs versus motivation. It makes good sense to me. I am looking forward to receiving more information.”
Les Voros
Desjardins Financial

The presentation was informative about how to organize yourself and was done in a very simple manner. I received a dream that you can fulfill by making some changes in your life.”
Baljit Grewal
PR Prism Financial Services

I was really inspired how you presented the helpful tips and vision on how we can increase our sales and improve our future. I think we almost got everything in all aspects of life. You’re more than Brian Tracy in the field of speaking.”
Angelita Helen Mc Vie
Global Pacific