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Clear Your Roadblocks and The One Page Business Plan Testimonials from NAIFA Georgia Symposium 2013 – Kennesaw, GA – April 23, 2013

Simon got me thinking about what is blocking me from what I need to do. I really like what Simon said, When there is judgment there can be no understanding.”
Ken Dombart
Lincoln Financial

“There are blocks on every level of business no matter where you stand. I liked when Simon spoke about understanding yourself and trying not to overdo things.”
Matt Koppin
Piedmont Insurance Services

“I liked the form on controlling the outcomes i.e. prior planning. I actually found it worthwhile to take notes.”
Chris Alexander
Guardian Life Ins. Co.

“I have a deeper understanding of the importance of business planning and balance to succeeding as an adviser. I gained a better understanding how values and actions express themselves in the success of advisers.”
L. P. Jones
New York Life

Simon spoke about real-life things that happen in our business, ways to eliminate the bad and starting working on the good. He gave actionable subject and ideas; it wasn’t just a speech. He talked about things that matter and how to take action. It wasn’t just mountain-top inspiration; it was real.”
James Higgins
Thrivent Financial

“Simon identified and discussed how unmet needs impact us and our overall business. I liked that you are willing to send out free templates to help us with our business.”
Sandy Howard
Pippin Insurance

“The presentation had structure and focus. You got out meeting back on time. You delivered the message succinctly. I understand that there is more to achieving balance than just scheduling some time off.”
Phil Smelley
The Complete Insurance Source

“I liked the One Page Business Plan. I understand better how to overcome fear and branch out into new areas.”
Scott Bennett
Modern Woodmen of America

“Simon spoke about how we are the economy; we need to get rid of the stuff.”  There is nothing wrong; I just need to understand what I need to do.”
Randall Talley
Tidwell & Talley Insurance

“I understand the value of having a successful business plan. We need to get rid of the stuff.”
Chris Gallman
State Farm

“I enjoyed the comparisons between being and doing. I’m motivated to clear my mind of useless garbage and self-doubt.”
Ross Perloe

“Simon explored the real difference between motivation and inspiration. I realize I must have balance in my life, not all work and work. I need to plan my work, I need personal time, and I need to plan the future path of my life professionally and personally.”
Pierce McWaters
McWaters Insurance

Simon’s high net worth client worthiness concept was dead on. It was mind overload issue resolution. Simon gave many useful ideas to help me now!”
Lisa Hartel
Thrivent Financial

“I enjoyed the graphics and items I had not previously heard about. Simon helped give me awareness of strategic thinking about my business.”
Maurice Jones
The Maurice Jones Agency

“I learned how to use Being to be successful in your business and how to organize your plan and objectives. Simon gave new ways to understand your goals and how to make them work.”
Lucia Jones
The Maurice Jones Agency

“I liked the high-energy delivery method and the graphics. The presentation had thought-provoking concepts that can be applied to my discipline.”
Poppy Finley

“I liked that Simon worked in a fixed behavior foundation and using the feelings make for strength and passion. He gave me more wisdom to do what I do best.”
Mike Koppin
Piedmont Insurance Services

“I liked the score card. It’s either 1 or 10, no in-between. That made sense! Simon helped me identify the ‘stuff’ and eliminate the ‘stuff’”.
Martha Shasteen
Network Insurers

“Simon helped me think about what is holding me back. I had a good look at my self-worth and where I think my self-worth comes from.”
Lynn Henderson
Modern Woodmen of America

I liked the Ted presentation. It’s nice to know that most of our undoing is self-inflicted. We received a good book recommendation. Quiet.”
Mark Weeks

”The presentation was full of information and material was efficiently moved through in a ‘building block’ order. I didn’t expect to hear that I was more doing than being, especially in safety but did recognize that I do have some ‘being’ but I want to ‘Be’”.
Kelly Smith
L.R. Johnson & Associates, Inc.

”Simon was very knowledgeable and well prepared. The presentation was very interesting and instruction was excellent! I can get focused on a game plan, ask for great referrals, delegate, and learn from set-backs and move on great sales.”
Bill E. Cooper

“I enjoyed the simplicity and clarity of the presentation and the empty-my-mind process. I am inspired and motivated with new ideas, remembering to get back to basics with a vision statement and business plan.”
Patti Ruiz
Southern Financial Consultant

“It was practical, how to clear my mental roadblocks.  It was a concise, simple plan to implement in my life.”
P.Q. Le

“I liked the Reward Scorecard. We received an overview of values and assessments and the One Page Business Plan.”
Robert Rosner
Robert M. Rosner & Associates Inc.

“It was a unique presentation on building your business and a pathway to a better life. I received insight into why my career has stalled.”
Roy H. Greene

Simon stressed the importance of having a business plan. We received information on how to create a business plan and the need to implement it.”
Kevin Ross
Kevin Ross Financial Services