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Clear Your Roadblocks and The One Page Business Plan Testimonials from Advocis South Saskatchewan – October 18, 2012

I liked the basic nuts and bolts of the presentation. I attended a session once before and knew what to expect. I like the expression of ‘make space for class A type clients’ – never thought of it that way before.”
Edmund Niedzielski
Niedzielski Financial

I really enjoyed the depth of this presentation in both subjective and objective areas of business and it’s practical application to my business. The powerful practicality of this presentation was an unexpected bonus! The ‘equations’ (re: objectives and strategies) were very helpful.”
Jodi Cobb
Discovery Financial Group

The best part of the presentation was when Simon spoke about having a plan which breeds confidence and your clients will respond to that. I also liked the idea of letting your clients talk. Simon spoke about asking for referrals, which was unexpected. It’s something that I do most of the time but there needs to be a system on how to ask instead of winging it.”
Chris Gerein
Freedom 55

It was a great topic. It’s about time someone addressed how fleeting motivation is! While the concept was abstract, I was surprised how concrete it was.”
Shane Clauson
Freedom 55 Financial

I liked the idea that we need to have a written business plan. I have one son in business with me and another one is getting licensed. We need to have goals set for the future of our family business.”
Brian Zuba
Freedom 55 Financial

I enjoyed the foundations of business breakdown and vision and plan axis. Simon spoke about the need for experienced advisors to mentor and  to volunteer a release of C and D clients to junior advisors.”
Douglas Straud
Sun Life Financial

The best part of the presentation was when Simon explained what systems need to be built to eliminate my unmet needs to be positive and enthusiastic about my business. He also spoke about the importance of taking time to work on my business and not in it to grow my revenue.”
Neil Smith

Great tips, like my values drive my business plan and knowing myself and my values makes writing my plan easier. I received confirmation that my ego drives my fears and stress.”
Rick Vircavs

I liked the step-by-step help. Simon identified needs and how to be more centered by realizing that unmet needs can sabotage the process.
Shane Fargo
H & A Financial Advisors

You got me to think about what ‘I’ should be doing. How to get rid of the rest (delegate) and where will our (my) business be in 5 years.”
Ken Crosson
Discovery Financial