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NAIFA Ohio State Board Strategic Planning / Membership Workshop – Speaking Testimonials – February 24, 2016

“Simon gave me lots of great ideas on how to handle the NAIFA “Enrollment Conversation.” I also have a very introspective look at myself going through “the story” exercise, and I took inventory of my values, feelings and beliefs.”
Michael A. Rudolph
New York Life Insurance Company

“Simon has the ability to tie in personal business improvements with Association improvements. His topics and delivery are relevant to our business and our industry.”
Mark Bauman
Ameritas Life Insurance

“Simon took me through a thought-provoking process of looking at my story/values/feelings and beliefs, and gave me insight on how to manage my salesman in addition to myself.”
Jeff Mohr
Diversified Brokerage

“I appreciate his honesty and the fact that he can drill down to the real problem of why we don’t succeed. Simon is knowledgeable about the insurance business and the advisors who work in the business.”
Alan H. Hendricks
The Hendricks Insurance Group

“I have a renewed hope for the future of our local and state membership, and enjoyed learning about the premise of changing the way we approach prospective members.”
D.Taft Hall
Taft Hall Insurance

“I enjoyed the diversity and depth of the subject matter. Even after 39 years in the business, Simon gave me a new perspective on many aspects of the business.”
Jim Geitgey
Geitgey Financial Services

“Simon showed me how I can use a plan for my business to attract NAIFA members. I also discovered some beliefs that I have that I need to work on.”
Tony Butz
Premier Planning Group

“Simon has fantastic energy and interactive style. Simon gave good information on the business proposition, and presented in a way that was memorable and fun.”
Mathew A. Meeker
Mass Mutual

“Simon’s common sense approach was something that I liked the best about this presentation, and he has reminded me to refocus on the fundamentals.”
Tony Adams
State Farm

“I appreciate Simon’s enthusiasm in his presentation and the handouts were an unexpected bonus.”
Tim Barnett
Western & Southern Financial Group

“Simon encouraged me to grow and improve as a business man, and also as a human being. I appreciated his hands on approach. Simon is a very charismatic and engaging presenter!”
Darryl “Cole” McCoy
Independent Insurance Agent

“Simon spoke with knowledge and I appreciated the handouts and worksheets about controlling and completions.”
Carl C. Ferguson
Knights of Columbus

“I liked the time I took to recognize my values, personally, as a businessman and in my faith.”
Jacob Elrod
Prudential Financial

“Simon gave a thought-provoking presentation and I appreciated the story about bringing someone into NAIFA and how it has improved their business.”
Michael Clouse
Bob Clouse & Associates

“It was an eye-opening experience about how you can parallel things in everyday life.”
Mike Candill
Western and Southern Life

“Simon’s presentation gave me insight about how best to approach a prospect, and a depth of understanding about the importance of values, feelings and beliefs.”
Mark Spears