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AFG Brokerage Spring Summit – The Inspirational Tipping Point – Speaking Testimonials – April 19, 2016

“Simon spoke about concepts that truly make sense in an entertaining and informative way that provided real value.”
Kenner French
VAST Solutions Group

“Simon challenged me to face the things I am not doing and now I have the enthusiasm and motivation to change.”
Scott McVicker
iCorp Strategies

“This presentation was a catalyst for personal reformation and showed me that focusing inward has value in every respect of my life, not just in what I sell!”
Eric Price
Price Integrity Services

“Simon gets to the “heart” of why people can’t get things done, and provides good insight into the conflicts on our lives.”
Gary Heuer
Pinnacle Financial

“Simon addressed the “why” and mind clutter which I needed. I liked the one-page plan – nobody needs a 100-page plan!”
Adam Brooks
Brooks Capital Strategies

“I liked the reminder to plan your work and work your plan. I am invigorated by his presentation.”
Jim Rund
Star Financial & Insurance

“Simon’s presentation provided great content and was of great value to me.”
Gavin L. Walker
OMNI Insurance Brokers

 “Simon taught me to look at the “why” of things in my work and everyday life.”
Lee Rogers
MN Northwest LLC

“I liked the simple way Simon explained how you can change your life and succeed by simply managing your time. He also showed me how important it is to create a business plan.”
Cristobal Espindola

“Simon reminded me to not sabotage myself and I especially liked learning about motivation versus inspiration.”
Reagan Wagner
NFA Wealth Management

“The delivery of the material and the information offered was very useful and I enjoyed the entire presentation very much.”
Patrick D. Taylor
Benefit Planning Group